Things To Know While Opting For Engineered Timber Flooring

Things To Know While Opting For Engineered Timber Flooring

The flooring in your house is one of the most important decisions that you can make. This is all depended on many factors. While these factors are very important to mention for your home, but we are here to talk about engineered timber flooring. Everyone can agree that wooden floors are amazing. They give a good and rich feel to your home.


Engineered timber flooring will be a good investment for your home as you will get total relief from moisture problems and get a stable floor which will last for long period of time. You will not require to spent large amount of money on its maintenance. Engineered timber floors will don’t get scratches easily as compared to normal wood floors and they are also more durable than wood floors, so you should opt for engineered timber floors.


Engineered Timber Flooring


Engineered timber flooring is not like actual solid wood flooring. It is a much thinner layer but then it has its own benefits where it is almost immune to the expansion and contraction of wood when the weather changes. It is also a little easier to manage as the wood is not that thick and hence the maintenance cot actually goes down. This is a long-term advantage that every person would not usually consider.


Points You Need To Know Before Selecting Engineered Timber Flooring For Your Home:


Engineered Timber Flooring


  • When there are subfloors made of concrete then using solid wooden floors may be very beneficial, since the floors would become raised and hence it may interfere with the opening and closing of the doors as such.


  • Be careful of what kind of engineered timber flooring you go for. This is very important since the top layer is usually very thin on this kind of flooring. This is when we should be careful and choose a flooring solution with a little more of a thicker top layer so that is can withstand harsher environments.


  • You may not like the feel of engineered wooden flooring. This can be because of your taste and each person is different and hence it is important to find the right kind of flooring for your house so that in the long run you do not run into problems that you didn’t know that you would be facing because you didn’t like the flooring from the start.


  • The finish of the flooring depends on what you buy. This is because the flooring comes with the options of having it come raw or as finished flooring. The advantage of getting the floor prefinished is that the floor would require lesser work to be done on it before it is used properly. This includes the sanding, waxing and other things that are required to be done for the wood to feel good.


  • Choosing the right kind of finish for the engineered timber flooring is very important since it is going to be a part of the house that is not very easily replaceable and hence it is very important to find the right kind of finish for your flooring. Weighing the costs and the levels of maintenance that the finish of the floor would require is very important since it is a long-term decision and not a short-term decision at all.


Engineered timber flooring is not the greatest type of flooring even with all its advantages since it is a new solution for flooring and it is not perfect. The perfect kind of solution doesn’t exist but then you can get pretty close to it. Also, the perfect solution will not be the same for everyone and hence do not copy what any other person is doing for their house and just make decisions that feel right for the house that you are going to be living in.