Things We Love About Facebook

Things We Love About Facebook

We all love staying connected to social media and especially Facebook, around the clock. And we need a smooth and affordable Internet connection. Spectrum Internet Cost is very economical.


We all are addicted to the social media sites. The contemporary generation wants to stay connected and updated with the social media forums at all times. And when we talk about Social Media, the name that pops-up in our minds quite spontaneously is Facebook. Most widely-used, most popular and known as the ‘gorilla’ amongst all the social media sites and forums, Facebook has a whopping number of 2.07 billion active users monthly (the statistics are for the year 2017). It the first ever social media network to achieve such mighty numbers of subscribers.

Said that we have already established the significance of Facebook and how it has impacted our lives. So, whether we are using our laptops, tablets, smartphones or systems, we ensure that Facebook is live and open and all times. Also, we ensure a steady subscription to one of the best Internet Service Providers in town, that not only guarantees high-speed but also has economical charges. Check out Spectrum Internet Cost schedules and you will how affordable the rates are, and you get the best speeds with no data cap restrictions for your endless social media browsing.

So here are a few interesting and catchy things about Facebook that are our favorite. And these are exactly why such a massive population is addicted to this amazing forum.

Staying Connected

Facebook Staying Connected

Facebook revolutionized the ways we connected with our families and friends. People initiate discussions and talking sessions through status updates on their profiles. The Messenger App that is available as an inclusive feature in Facebook, as well as, as a separate application on gadgets helps people connect via chatting with friends and subscribers on the Facebook. It is indeed a very handy and easy-to-use App and even supports audio and video calls.

The liberty of giving check-ins to places that we visit, uploading photographs of our trips, tours, dine-outs, get-togethers, and other happening events in our life, keep our loved ones updated with our activities.

Staying Updated with Your Favorite Brands and New Trends

Favorite Brands and New Trends

The ease of checking out all the newly launched items of our favorite brands and sifting through all their features and details is something that Facebook has provided to all the shopaholics across the world. Be they clothing lines, shoes, bags, gadgets, or any other thing that interests us, Facebook has dedicated official pages for all the famous brands. We can even ask about the details, pricing, and features of all our favorite items directly on the official pages or via private chats/DMs. All the trend-seekers/followers and fashionistas can totally relate to this.

People who love to stay on top of the trend game, Facebook has ensured the provision of all the necessary details that they need. So, next time you plan on buying something, make sure that you have thoroughly browsed through all the tiny and minute details of the product on Facebook. It’s almost like window-shopping. Happy shopping guys!

Staying Updated on The Happening Things in the World

Go Viral

One of the best things about Facebook is, every time you open to browse through the News Feed, you always find something to laugh on, something that was new to your knowledge, something you felt like disapproving or condemning, or something that is just catchy, for instance, a nice cooking tutorial or home hack. The innovative idea of providing information or news in form of interesting and catchy viral videos and informative chunks is introduced by Facebook.

We get to laugh at the hilarious pranks, and we get to see certain social issues addressed via these posts and even viral content of serious nature such as bullying at school, harassment cases, gender equality rights, animal rights, racial discrimination to some even more grave issues of wars, genocides and crimes. This trend of viral content and videos that sounded trivial initially, has raised awareness on many issues and problems, across the world, letting people vent it out and raise voice against injustices and discriminations in the society. It has provided people with a forum and they don’t have to essentially be covered by news channels and media now.

Liberty of Speech and Expression

Facebook Reactions

The above-mentioned image says it all. Since Facebook is a free platform and people from across the world can upload any sort of information that you may or may not like. So, you have the freedom of expression to give your feedback in form of comments and reactions (like, love, sad, angry, surprised, funny and so on) with a single click.

These were just a few features that we love about Facebook. There are so many more, which is why we all have surrendered to the overwhelming and addictive power of Facebook. It has become a reflex action rather, to check our Facebook (installed nicely on our Smartphones) every now and then. And without a doubt, Facebook never fails in providing us some sort of entertaining piece or update every time we open it. All we need is a steady subscription to one of the best ISPs in town. Check out Spectrum Bundles, to experience high-speeds, no lag and economical pricing schedules.

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