Things You Should Consider Before Buying Air Conditioners In 2018

Things You Should Consider Before Buying Air Conditioners In 2018

There are so many stuff to be studied at the same time buying an Air conditioner for your room or office.

In this article, we will talk about only important things. You can learn all the details from Air conditioner buying guide 2018.

Buying Air Conditioners In 2018

AC Capacity And Size

The chilling capacity of each AC is construed by Ton. This capacity should be chosen confer to you room or office spot where you have to fix this AC. Succeeding Infographic will benefit you to elect what capacity of AC you should buy.


Air Conditioners In 2018

As you can look at, it is very understandable that for area of a surface below 80 square feet 0.75 Ton AC is enough, for area of a surface above 80 and below square feet 120 1 Ton AC, for area of a surface above 120 and below 190 square feet 1.5 Ton AC and for area above 190 and below 300 a 2 Ton AC is accurately correct.

  • Few Special Cases Are: If you live higher in position 3rd floor or you have bigger windows (above 25 square feet) or Sunlight overthrow directly on your room or office then you should consider your place of 50% more (i.e. 150%) then adjust capacity from the above info artworks.
  • Energy Capability: Anyhow so we influence on to the other thing that is very valuable. As you would have previously heard about Inverter ACs, they are eminently energy efficient. The logic is that they make less their cooling capacity after extending to a point the focused temperature. In this level, they devour nearly 30 to 40% of the entire electricity. This gives big savings on your electricity bills.

We will not talk overmuch about this in the analysis here. We consider that you once aware of it.

If you don’t know about this then you should indicate to the other article of us which will give you information about the Air conditioner buying guide 2018.

Copper or Aluminum

Now after this there is a thing like copper and aluminum. The Air conditioner comes in two types one with copper heating and cooling coils and other with Aluminum Coils.

Aluminum coil occupied ACs are low priced. While copper coil occupied ACs are valuable expensive. But the price is not everything. In this, the main difficulty with Aluminum coils is that they are tough to fix if they got damaged.

Air Conditioners In 2018

They are generally replaced with the new ones. On the other hand, copper coils have deep life and if needed then they can be fixed easily. They consume less maintenance. So it is good to invest money once not again and again.

So if you are not out with account then go for a copper coil based AC. You can read more details in this article.

So we believe these are the great big things that you have absolutely contemplate as long as buying an AC. Separate from this there is hardly any appearance of ACs that you should learn for extra finer filtration of your selection.

Leakage Detector


Air Conditioners In 2018

If the outdoor entity discovers any container leakage, the household part will the fault code and will end automatically to avert any chance of compressor defeat.

Auto Louver Memory

Air Conditioners In 2018

This component will definitely help you in moving the horizontal louvers to the earlier set position when the unit is switched end on.

Affective Dehumidifier

Air Conditioners In 2018

This feature points the area matter of humidity indoors and accordingly conform the temperature. It is particularly helpful for over monsoon months.

In this air purifier, the technology of old Plasma clears away odors from your home or office.

Regular Cool Compressor

Buying Air Conditioners

This different compressor is energy capable and guarantees a steady cooling performance make it more efficient.

It benefits in revolve on and off the louver motor to let the air leakage from one side to the other necessarily.

Data source include of above AC appearances like Source 1 and Source 2.


Okay! So it was all in this article details about what things that you should keep in your mind while buying AC.

I hope now you can easily buy your type of air conditioners.