Tips for Creating a Minimalist Bathroom

Tips for Creating a Minimalist Bathroom

Every bathroom, no matter how big or small, has the potential to look beautiful. We are rarely aware of the fact that our surroundings do significantly affect our mood. How are these two statements connected? Think about it: the bathroom is the first room we use at the beginning of the day, as well as the room where we go to prepare for the well-deserved rest at the end of every single day. If that doesn’t mean you should make sure that your bathroom is functional, enjoyable and aesthetically pleasing, we don’t know what does! So, with that in mind, we present you the beauty of minimalist bathrooms.

Why minimalist?

The minimalist design is one of the most appropriate designs when bathrooms are concerned. This design looks clean and sleek and, as the name suggests, focuses on simplicity and visual cleanliness. As we already know, clutter can negatively affect our mood and increase our levels of stress, so going minimal makes perfect sense. After all, if the place where you start and end your days makes you feel uncomfortable, it’s high time you did something about it.

Reduce clutter

Reduce Clutter

Clutter always finds a way to sneak in, and every room falls victim to it, bathroom included. So, minimize the amount of clutter in your bathroom as soon as possible. This can be achieved by:

  • Implementing practical storage solutions – if the clutter is hidden in a sleek, modern cabinet, is there really any clutter at all? Store away all the things you don’t use every day.
  • Getting rid of the things you don’t actually need – if Rapunzel doesn’t need 10 different conditioners and hair products, neither do you. Especially if you’re a guy or have short hair.
  • Organizing toiletries by size, shape, purpose or similarity.
  • Keeping the most commonly used items well-organized and within reach.
  • Getting rid of empty containers – yes, that shampoo bottle looks cute, but if you have no real use for it, it’s as useful as a poopy flavored lollipop.

Free up the floor space

Not every single piece of bathroom furniture has to have its own little place on the floor. Keep that in mind. For example, one of these minimalist bathtubs and a wall-mounted vanity and toilet will not only make your bathroom look more spacious, but they will also make cleaning significantly easier and less time-consuming.

Keep everything minimal

The basis of every minimalist design is just that – minimalism. That means that everything from colors and shapes to finishes and decor items should be subdued. Let’s give a few examples.

Lighting fixtures

In a minimalist room, the lighting fixtures are usually basic and recessed without any unnecessary glitz and glam. These fixtures are only there to serve the purpose of providing the necessary amount of illumination and that’s just what they’re doing.


Bathroom Color

The minimalistic design usually does not include colors that are too bright. That’s why minimalist bathrooms are usually all white. However, if this feels too sterile for you, you can go with a monochromatic color scheme. Just remember to go for soft hues to achieve that real minimalist feel.

Clean lines

Minimalism is not a huge fan of patterns and ornaments, so make sure that every bathroom fixture goes well with the rest of the room. If you have an oval bath, go for an oval sink instead of a rectangular one. Also, try to match your faucets and showerheads in shape, finish and style to the rest of the bathroom fittings.

Minimize decoration

Minimize Decoration

We’re not saying you should remove all the decor pieces from your bathroom, but you should remove all the cheap knick-knacks. Instead, choose a few statement decor pieces, and don’t shy away from spending a few extra bucks on them. Alternatively, you can make your towel rack, soap holder, bath or mirror work as a decorative piece if you choose wisely.

Clean it regularly

Only a clean bathroom can truly look beautiful. So, make sure to clean it regularly to fully emphasize its beauty. Besides, if you’ve listened to anything we said earlier, cleaning your bathroom will be a piece of cake, so you really have no excuse to neglect it.

As you can see, minimalist bathrooms bring maximum benefits, so there’s really no reason why you should look any further than this style option. Make it easier for yourself – create a bathroom that will look breathtakingly beautiful but will also be very easy to maintain and clean, so you can enjoy spending time in there to the fullest.

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