Top 5 Remedies for Stomach Flu

Top 5 Remedies for Stomach Flu

Omeprazole, Zantac, Primperan and what not have you been recommended by people for treating your stomach flu or any other stomach related infections?


Numerous times individuals tend to take medications without even knowing what the disease is all about or consulting their health expert for better treatment. One such case is of Gastroenteritis or stomach flu, which if not treated or cured properly, can lead to bigger and more painful infections.


The underlying stages begin with chills, fever, and sickness, which change into regurgitating, loose bowels, and extremely throbbing painfulness. It’s dreadful, and there is no cure. Stomach flu needs to run its course. All things considered, the cures beneath may give alleviation from the most troublesome side effects and help get you recovered once the hardest stage dies down.


1. Drink loads of liquids


Liquids are fundamentally vital since you’re losing essential natural liquids through perspiring, regurgitating, and loose bowels. On the off chance that you are experiencing difficulty holding fluids down, try eating ice chips. The best liquids to drink are:


– clear fluids, for example, water and juices
– over-the-counter arrangements like Pedialyte (great decision for any age)
– sports drinks, which can help with electrolyte substitution (this ought to be saved for youngsters and grown-ups)
– certain teas, for example, ginger and peppermint, which can help quiet your stomach and ease queasiness (keep away from exceedingly energized teas)


What not to drink


No doubt, you won’t be in the temperament for these amid an episode of stomach flu in any case, yet keep away from:


– Juiced drinks like espresso, solid dark tea, and chocolate. They can influence your rest while getting enough rest is vital.
– Keep away from liquor, which goes about as a diuretic.
– These things can likewise agitate your stomach.


2. Go for the BRAT diet and consume less calories


Holding nourishment down can be troublesome with the stomach flu. Try not to drive yourself to eat if the unimportant idea of nourishment influences you to flinch. When you do at long last feel you can get something down, it’s best to begin moderate and basic.


The BRAT diet can be your go-to with regards to an uneasy stomach. These four nourishments like Banana, Rice, Applesauce, Toast are anything but difficult to process, contain sugars to give you vitality, and renew supplements:


Bananas: Bananas are anything but difficult to process, can supplant the potassium you lose from heaving and looseness of the bowels, and fortifies stomach lining.


Rice: Brown rice has excessively fiber and may create overabundance gas. White rice is simple for your body to process and gives vitality from carbs.


Applesauce: Applesauce gives a jolt of energy due to the carbs and sugars, and it contains gelatin, which can help with looseness of the bowels. It is additionally simple to digest.


Toast: Avoid whole wheat bread, as fiber can be troublesome for the stomach. White bread is handled and less demanding to process.


What not to eat


For the most part, maintain a strategic distance from dairy, stringy sustenances, and anything greasy or fiery.


– Dairy: Not every person has an issue with drain when they have the stomach flu, however, it could be difficult to process and can bother gas and looseness of the bowels.
– Fiber: You needn’t bother with the additional fiber if your insides are free.
– Oil: Avoid oily and salty nourishments like bacon.
– Flavors: Stay far from tomato-based dishes, curries, and stew sauces.


3. Try acupressure to decrease sickness


Acupressure has been appeared to be viable in treating a few sorts of sickness. All you need to do is find the pressure point P-6 by applying pressure to the area located three fingers down from the bottom of your palm – Now press beneath that width with your thumb and you’ll feel a delicate spot between two ligaments. Delicately rub with your thumb for a few minutes.

Ocean Bands are an item worn on the wrists. These can be valuable in treating queasiness if the P-6 pressure point massage point gives you help.


4. Get a lot of rest


When you have the stomach flu, your body needs rest with a specific end goal to fend off the contamination. Get a lot of rest and decrease the measure of movement you typically do amid the day. This implies relaxing on the sofa when you’re not in bed. The more you take rest, the more your body tries to ward off the disease and repair the harm done on the cellular level.


5. Sedate with caution


The stomach flu can’t be cured by medicines and antibiotics. You can take over-the-counter medicines to treat the indications yet do as such sparingly. For fever or throbs, ibuprofen can help, as long as it doesn’t make you have a greater amount of a furious stomach. It can likewise be no picnic for your kidneys on the off chance that you get got dried out. Take it with proper caution and after consuming a good amount of food.


Acetaminophen (Tylenol) is regularly suggested for the stomach flu, except if you have a liver infection. It assuages fever and pains, has less reactions than ibuprofen, and is less inclined to disturb your stomach.


Other than this, stay constantly in touch with your health experts to take necessary precautions for avoiding the disease. You can also get in touch with WeMa Life where care and trust is the first preference for our customers.

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