Top 5 Timber Flooring Trends Of The Year 2019

Top 5 Timber Flooring Trends Of The Year 2019

The floor is a vital part of the house.  We can hardly take any risk when it comes to paving the new one. Although granite and tiles are some of the most preferred materials for flooring, timber flooring has not loosened its popularity yet. Like granite and tiles, wooden flooring also allows you to choose your favourite style and design from a wide variety of designs.  


Top 5 Timber Flooring Trends


One of the prime reasons behind the popularity of timber flooring is the classic and aesthetic floor look that is crafted. These floors enable to create an elegant eye-catching interior. If you are planning to opt for timber flooring,


Here are the 5 best wooden flooring trends of 2019 that you can choose from:


1.      Emperador Dark Brown


Emperador Dark Brown the design that suits best for the hardwood flooring. Rich brown is one of the most preferred wooden flooring designs and it remains a popular choice even in 2019. You can also get more attractive colours like rich matte chocolate browns, walnut species, and others, as they all are a part of the dark brown family. Hardwood design like walnut is widely popular for both residential and commercial interiors. Dark brown is believed to be the best hardwood colour and it has been mesmerizing us from many centuries.


2.      Brazilian Cherry


Brazilian cherry is one of the most preferred luxury timber flooring solutions.  This is famous for its rich luxurious texture. Brazilian cherry timber comes with a splendid reddish brown, but you can customize it with a darker or lighter colour. If you like Brazilian Cherry, then you must know that this remains a hot favourite choice for people in 2019.


Its deep red colour suits best with a streak of black and this flooring option can give you the best look. This flooring style can make a bold statement and anyone entering the room can get mesmerized with its rich colour and beauty.

3.      Light and Natural


Light and natural colour is probably the second most popular choice for timber flooring. Here, you should remember that making it lighter and naturally does not mean giving your floor a yellowish look. It is rather more amber and such colours will become more attractive with time.  You can add artificial colour to make your wooden floor lighter and natural giving it a contemporary look. A light coloured floor means your rooms will look brighter even in low light.


4.      Douglas Fir


This timber flooring trends of 2019 prevalent for its classic and aesthetic look derived from wavy grain and classic knots. It comes from red-brown pine. It gives your floor a rustic and archaic look. The trend is Douglas fir is available in a wide range of options.


Its natural strength and durability make it one of the best choices for homeowners even today. If you are a fan of English Classics, this flooring solution can give you a glimpse of historic log cabins and you can feel the vibe of classics.


5.      Grey and Grey Blends


The demand for grey flooring is on the rise and the colour is mostly preferred by the modern architectures across the world. Grey timber flooring often looks like vinyl planks. The trend has gained popularity from 2010 and it remains a popular choice for modern architects. You can still make your hardwood flooring grey if you want but the process will need the hand of experts.  


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Quality wooden flooring does not only increase the beauty of your rooms but improve the quality of your life. Aforementioned are some of the hardwood timber flooring trends of 2019 that you can choose any one according to your needs and budget. However, do some researches before you invest in opting for wooden flooring.