Top 6 Helpful Ways On How To Treat Constipation With Homemade Laxative

Top 6 Helpful Ways On How To Treat Constipation With Homemade Laxative

You have constipation, but you don’t know how to solve it. I will give you some useful information and six helpful ways on the homemade laxative.

What is constipation and why do we have it?

You will have constipation when your bowel movement is lower than average. You know it when you’re challenging to defecate, often three times defecation per weeks. Do you know what symptoms are? You may have less bowel movement, hard stools, and belly pain. Also, you feel hard to defecate and feel nothing come out.

Many reasons can cause constipation such as diet, medications, and psychological. Your food may be not enough fiber or water. When you are dieting, you can have constipation. Moreover, some drugs have the side effect cause constipation such as antidepressants, opioids, and diuretics. Taking some supplements such as iron and calcium can cause constipation. Some diseases can cause imbalance hormones like diabetes, and underactive thyroid make constipation.

If you have long-term constipation, you can have some complications. When the hard fecal goes through anus can hurt and bleed. The injury can be inflammation and make more problems. So you need to know some homemade laxative natural to do.

What is Laxative?

Laxatives are the substances or the remedies which help to defecate easier. They divide into five types of laxative.

The first is a bulk-forming laxative which absorbs water into your intestines and increases the bulk of the stool which will stimulate peristalsis.

Next, we have saline laxatives which reduce the water absorption in the small intestine. If your stool is not enough water, it’s hard and causes constipation.

Emollient laxatives are also helpful. Emollient softens the fecal and lubricates the gut. When stool is soft, you will be comfortable on defecation

Another remedy is stimulant laxatives which make the stool go quickly through the digestive tube.

Lastly, hyperosmotic laxatives will pull water into the gut which helps soften stool.

Base on that, have many ways to do laxative but I will give you six methods on the homemade laxative.

Top 6 Helpful Homemade Laxatives

1.    Blackberries and Raspberries

You just need to add them to your diet. Berries are a high source of fiber which will help on bowel movements. And blackberries and raspberries are the ones have the most top part of fiber in berries group. Do you know that one cup of blackberries or raspberries provides 8 grams of fiber? This substance helps to stimulate your intestine to make your stool through easier. A study shows that 21 to 25 grams of fiber are the mount a woman should eat a day. And consuming 30 to 38 grams of fiber a day is recommended for a man. Besides, these fruits have a high percentage of water which is good for your health. Your body is 75% of water so that dehydration can cause some problem such as tired, bad skin, and constipation.

Blackberries and Raspberries

Moreover, berries are also useful for you at controlling your weigh, because berries have low in calories. You can consult some tasty recipes to make with blackberries and Raspberries. Make a salad with spinach and toasted almonds. Your salad could be so delicious if you add berries. Yogurt and berries can be a good mixture for your snack.

2. Olive oil

Olive Oil for ConstipationOlive oil is the healthiest choice for your cooking and beauty. It can improve your skin and hair condition. With your digestive system, olive oil helps to reduce the work of pancreas. As well, olive oil helps to encourage the intestine to absorb more vitamin and nutrients. Besides, it can be your homemade laxative, because olive supports to product more peptides, which help your gut working well and more comfortable to eliminate your waste. You should take some teaspoon of olive oil in the morning before you eat something. You can add some lemon juice if you don’t like the strong olive taste. You can change your cooking oil to olive to have a healthy body.

3. Taking lemon juice

Lemon is the favorite drink which can provide vitamin C to your body. Lemon tea is a great thing to treat cold or sore throats. Besides, the citric acid in it also helps your digestive system. Squeeze a half of lemon into a cup of warm water and drink it. You can add some sugar or honey to have a better taste. The lemon juice can help to lose weight. Thus, you can drink lemon juice instead of water, if you want to control your weight. Don’t drink it when your belly empty, because the lemon juice has acids which are harmful your stomach.

4. Coffee

Take a cup of coffee in the morning can boost your mood. It also helps your digestion as long as you don’t overdose it. The reason is that too much coffee will cause a diuretic so you will lose more water than usual which result in constipation. Thus, one or two cups of coffee a day will stimulate your digestion and your neurology system. You can choose many types of coffee tastes such as pure coffee or milk coffee.

5. Aloe vera

When you burn, or you want to do skincare you often think about aloe vera. In this case, this can be a homemade laxative. But do not eat it too much, it can cause diarrhea. If you’re pregnant or during a menstrual period, you should avoid eating aloe vera which can lead to abortion or menorrhagia. Cut the aloe leaf off the tree and clean it with fresh water. You can cut it to slice or grill. Remember to remove the green cover. You can eat aloe directly, but it could be better if you mix aloe with yogurt. The other ways are made aloe vera wine or cook it. You can buy a large amount and restore in a refrigerator. Aloe vera is easy to plant and take care. You just need small soil area. Plant one aloe vera then it will create many other new trees.

6. Exercise

Everyone knows that exercise is good for health and fitness. But doing exercise every day can help your bowel movement. Food will easier to go through digestive system which keeps more water as your stool can’t be hard. Doing exercise in the morning will help you have more energy for your new day. If you can do it in the morning, just need to take your free time and do some simple movements.


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I’m sure that now you knew about constipation and had six amazing methods on homemade laxative which help you to prevent and solve constipation.