Top Office Design Trends for 2019

Top Office Design Trends for 2019

Office design plays an integral role in business today. New trends lead to the exciting organization of the workspace and creating an environment which will inspire productivity. Since your employees spend every day at the offices, you need to invent a space that will take care of their wellbeing.

If an employee is satisfied with the environment, they will be happy, healthy, more engaged and productive. Therefore, not only will employees benefit from the new office design, but the company as well. With that in mind and traditionally at the end of the year, here are top office design trends for 2019 that will redefine your workspace.

1. Relaxation areas

Since Millennials are more and more present in companies, it is important to understand this demographic. They are one of the reasons why office design has been evolving so much and to the satisfaction to employees. One of those changes is introducing relaxation zone into the office space.

This office design includes fridges with cold beverages, bean bags, large cushions, coffee machines, and kettles. Zen garden and water features are commonly incorporated in relaxation areas, as well as reading nooks. Add a few tables so employees can have lunch together or coffee during breaks which will help with team-building.

Adding features such as rock climbing wall, meditation area, and gaming corner are all ways to reduce stress at work. Incorporating several experiences into one space will allow people to spend time together while nooks, tables and lazy bags will allow for personal space.

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2. Technology for the design

Technology is undeniably an integral part of every design. In the office, it can help your employees work better and be more productive, and thus be beneficial for you as well. But workspace technology is more than just big presentation screens and video conferencing.

It’s about the careful positioning of lights, electric desks that adjust the height for sitting and standing, as well as wireless charging ports and newest espresso makers. While the accent should be on creating easier ways for employees to communicate and get the job done, it’s also about aesthetics and comfort.

3. Privacy-friendly design

Open office is still popular and flexible designs are welcoming, but private space should also be an integral part of any workplace. However, you don’t have to close off space to achieve this, but rather use some design tricks. Install semi-enclosed settings and say goodbye to traditional booths.

Use dividers made from various natural materials like wood or canvas that will serve as walls, but still won’t separate the employee from collective. Since this year like the previous one, it’s all about green and eco-friendly environments, try live green station dividers. It will at to the biophilic design and also create a more relaxing ambiance for your employees.

4. Flexible office space

When it comes to today’s workspaces, they are all about flexibility. This doesn’t suggest cutting corners with the workload, but rather providing employees with means to perform their duties in a more understanding environment. Office design trends for 2019 promote flexibility through the organization of space that will remove the strict definition of the working station.

This means that you should design your office in a way that will allow your employees to change the spots they are working from. Since you need to create functional points in your workspace, hiring fitout specialists will get you the professional input you need. It’s important to choose the spots that will promote productivity like sunlit areas, carefully installed greenery and ergonomic furniture.

Also, another popular feature is furniture that employees can move around and rearrange if needed. Since most companies switched to laptops instead of desktop computers, it’s fitting to allow employees to choose their workspace.

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5. Collaborative meeting spaces

Collaborative meeting spaces are a must in today’s office design. This is another trend inspired by Millennials which is intended to boost creativity and inspire teamwork. Also, these are spaces where your employees can brainstorm and deliberate on new ideas.

Since collaborative meeting spaces have a special purpose they need a unique design that will promote learning and decision-making. Comfortable chairs, homey setting, and interactive boards will make the brainstorming process and meetings more efficient and productive. Instead of closing off space completely, add sliding doors that will easily open up the area to be public if needed.

6. Biophilic design

Biophilic design is all about the living world and love of life like the name suggests. This design incorporates nature into the indoor space by using patterns, forms, and elements that will adapt to the office. If your workspace lacks nature inside and outside the building, then it’s time to make some adjustments.

Start by installing more windows or glass panels to open up space to the outside world. Natural light is very important for living beings and so it will bring positive vibes to space. Greenery, like artificial or natural plants, are proven to bring calm and focus in the workspace.

You can use succulent wall frames instead of paintings to improve the organic feel to the office. Also, colors and patterns can help you mimic the liveliness of nature, and add texture to space. Water features like small ponds with lily pads, or waterfall walls will also be a welcoming addition to your biophilic design.

Final words

When you choose top office design trends for 2019 that will fit your business best, think about combining functional and aesthetical. Hiring a fitout specialist is always wise, as well as following the newest trends in corporative culture and respecting your employees’ wishes. After all, a happy office is a productive office which is good for both employer and employee.