Top Tips to Prolong the Life of your Fiat Car in Ideal Condition

Top Tips to Prolong the Life of your Fiat Car in Ideal Condition

The moment you drive off of with your new Fiat car in the long and windy lanes of Sydney, the value of your car depends completely on you. As you pump in the miles, its value is bound to decrease substantially. The value of a car is not dependent only on its appearance, but with its running condition and the performance of its engine. Improper care of the Fiat car will directly affect the car’s performance, efficiency, its vital components, its life, as well as its resale value.

You need to adhere to some rules to prolong the life of your FIAT car. Follow the maintenance tips mentioned here to keep your FIAT running as new.


  1. Change your oil and its filter


To keep the mechanical components of your FIAT car in pristine condition for a long time, one needs to take care of its engine. To prolong the life of the engine, a regular oil change will do the trick. It guarantees the lubrication of the engine for maximum performance and efficiency. Also, cars with sturdy engines have great resale value too. What’s more, by changing the oil and its filter on a regular basis, you can ensure that your car’s performance is consistent over time. To get your oil replaced, you can contact Automoda, Sydney, a FIAT garage.

For those who are keen on changing the oil themselves, first and foremost

  • Park your car on a flat surface, turn off the engine and let the heat cool off
  • Check oil inside the engine and the fan.
  • Don’t touch the basin cap when the engine is hot.
  • Do not use oil which is not recommended by FIAT
  • Take help from experts for replacement and disposal.


  1. Inspect your tires constantly


Always avoid driving a FIAT car that has bald or worn out tires. Using old tyres can get you to lose control of the vehicle, creating danger in the form of accidents and mishaps. Such damages also devalue your car, and most importantly, could put lives in danger. Check your tires periodically, for low tread, uneven tire shape, incessant tire wear bars, and the like. All such factors impact your car’s handling negatively.

Take some time out for car maintenance if you cannot maintain your FIAT yourself. Contact Automoda for regular car maintenance. Schedule an appointment for maintenance of your FIAT car pain-free.


  1. Wash your car on a regular basis


A dirty FIAT car renders a bad impression of its owners and dirt, dust, and grime could damage the car’s paint. Residue on the paint can lighten the clear coat, leaving paint vulnerable to continuous sun damage. A simple car wash helps in removing surface contaminants and can refresh your car’s look too. By keeping it clean and in great condition, the resale value of your FIAT will fly high too.


  1. Recharge your battery from time to time


Battery liquid is extremely corrosive and poisonous, so avoid any skin contact. Do not keep the battery liquid level too low, or else it can damage the battery. Remove the battery when the car is unused for an extended period.

Check all internal components with no cracks to leak the inner liquid.

Dispose of your car battery at the dealership. Also, you can prolong your battery’s life by keeping doors and bonnet closed firmly at the parking space. Shut downlights and radio when not in use.


  1. Window Wipers and Wheels


Keep blade rubber parts of the wipers clean always with proper replacements once a year. Ensure that ice is not blocking the glass rubber in cold conditions. Check for the fluid in the sprayer tank for unblocking holes if any. Additionally, check your tyre pressure, when they are not being used with periodic checking after every two weeks. A FIAT car’s road grip is dependent on inflation pressure. It the grip is low, the tyres get overheated and can even damage them.

Always keep your car in mint condition with periodic removal of dust, stains, oil, and the like. Clean the seats with a water sponge and a neutral detergent.



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