Top Trends for an Exceptional Home Decor to Follow in 2019

Top Trends for an Exceptional Home Decor to Follow in 2019

Home is where the heart is. It is the not just a structure made of bricks and mortar but a place, which offers comfort after a day of backbreaking work. However, homeowners often neglect some of the vital areas of homes, particularly kitchen and bathroom cabinets, which costs later. Besides, with so many home décor trends coming out in 2019, it would be a good decision to stay updated with the times.


Kitchen Décor Ideas to have in 2019


Good kitchen design is essential as it is the center of the entire home. It is the place where the guests enjoy their meals. Also, the kitchen is where the weekends are spent cooking delicious meals for the kids. Hence, why not give it a new breath of life in 2019?


  1. Cabinet Doors and Handles

The most ignored parts of the kitchen are the cabinet door handles. These are available in the market in different colors, shapes, and material. The future look to rule in kitchen décor in 2019 seems to be leather rings and strips instead of the traditional handles. Those choosing a minimalist look can decide to cut out holes in the kitchen cabinets in different shapes and size. It is recommended to approach a reputed home décor store to get the best kitchen & bathroom cabinets suited to one’s style and taste.


  1. The Pendant Lighting

The recessed lighting has been the primary sources of light in the kitchen of many homes. However, the introduction of suspended lighting has also been embraced by many homeowners to provide a unique style to their kitchen. It gives the kitchen area with a form of expression as well as individual taste.


  1. Matte Appliances

The dark matte texture has been noticed in the kitchen of many homes in the last few years. The color is associated with class, elegance, and reduces fingerprints and dirt on the surface. Also, the dark tone also suits many kitchen appliances, which might be a good idea for homeowners to look forward to in 2019.


Kitchen Cabinets


Bathroom Décor Ideas to have in 2019


With 2019 arriving in a few days, it has become imperative for many homeowners to give attention to another ignored area of the house, the bathroom. Whether it be bathtubs, showers, the sink, or the tiles; there are many new trends to consider to give the bathroom a new look in 2K19.


  1. The Color Black

The color grey was favorite during 2016 and 2017 bathroom design ideas. However, with 2019 approaching bathroom designs are moving more towards darker shades. The darker tones are becoming popular with the color black leading the race. There are bathrooms with matte finishing and other fixtures including vanities, mirror, which would add a different look to the bathroom area. Besides, a kitchen and bathroom cabinets store would help homeowners to adapt to the change with more ease.


Bathroom Cabinets


  1. Brass and Gold for Vintage Look

With 2019, a lot of old bathroom décor ideas are making their way back. The gold fixtures with shades of brass are a leading choice of many homeowners looking to install sinks, toilets in their bathrooms. With the right toned gold color accessories, both depth and dimension would be added to the bathroom area, not to forget the luxurious look.

Homeowners are sure to love the transition from the cold chrome to brass or gold-toned bathroom fixtures. These are also available in satin, matte, and spun gold finishing for those looking to make a unique style statement about the bathroom area.


  1. Pink is Pretty

There are certain shades that homeowners want in bits, and some they want all over the place. The pink color has become a popular choice for many homeowners to be painted on the bathroom wall. Another color opted by majority of homeowners includes the rose gold for faucets, drawer pulls, and bathtubs.


Pink Bathroom Decor


Bedroom Furniture Décor Ideas to have in 2019


The furniture inside a bedroom can create a comfortable and inviting environment for the homeowners. There is no shortage of bedroom furniture but choosing a particular theme or style can impact the overall look.


  1. Compact

Space is the primary factor in choosing the type of decoration for the bedroom. With a small bedroom, the focus is on creating more space. It is a good idea to choose convertible furniture to fit in the area. It can be a bed with drawers underneath to store the bedsheets. Another idea would be to add mirrors to the closet door to make the bedroom larger. Never choose a king size bed for a small bedroom. Homeowners can look for a store to get custom made bedroom furniture to fit into the small master bedroom.


Bedroom Furniture


  1. The Lighting

The lighting plays a vital role in modern bedroom designing. A majority of the designers recommend working with natural lighting as it creates a warm environment at night. Homeowners can choose recessed light to create the illusion of more space, or hanging lamps to reflect the natural light.


  1. The Furniture

One of the best ways to provide the bedroom with a modern look in 2019 is to add wooden furniture. The vintage furniture would be the focal point for whoever enters the bedroom, not to forget to be useful for storage. Homeowners can look online to find custom made bedroom furniture to add a unique style to their bedroom.


Custom Made Bedroom Furniture


Summing Up


Thus, when searching for the best kitchen and bathroom cabinets store; homeowners would be able to find the best options for home décor in 2019.


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