Are Your Trees in Danger of Falling?

Are Your Trees in Danger of Falling?

Trees are an asset for people as they can make a property look beautiful. However, trees also come with various risks to life and property. People often fail to recognize the dangers of some trees. It is always better to know the symptoms of a falling tree at the right time before it causes any damage. Experts say that many factors could lead to the weakening of trees. This post shares some common signs and symptoms to recognize the trees that are in danger of falling.

A tree starts leaning suddenly

If a tree in your yard starts leaning within a short span of time (a few days), it means it is at the risk of falling. However, all the leaning trees are not in the danger of collapsing. Even a healthy tree in your backyard may lean in a specific direction. Only the trees that lean suddenly within a few days are at a higher risk of falling. If you see any tree leaning in your backyard or near your house, get is examined by an arborist to know the potential dangers.

Dropping of Dead branches

When the branches of a tree fall off, the tree might be trying to make it small and reduce the weight on its stem. Shedding the branches could be a symptom of the weakening of roots as they could not feed all the branches and leaves. The dead and falling branches are prone to breaking and falling in case of storms and winds.

Hole in the trunk of a tree

If you have seen any holes in the trunk of a tree, they are a sign of the weakening of its trunk. Holes in trees are like cavities in our teeth, which get bigger with time. The main reason for holes in a tree is the fungus that eats the wood. In some cases, the tree seals off the diseased area, which prevents the hole to grow bigger. However, in other cases, the fungus can spread through the whole tree.

Trees with multiple trunks

Trees with Multiple Trunks

Trees having multiple trunks are more likely to fall or split at the point of attachment. Multiple trunks are weakly attached to each other and are likely to split in case of strong winds. If the branches of a tree are heavy, the multiple trunks might split by their own weight. This is a great risk for any person, animal or vehicle standing below the tree. Therefore, all the trees with multiple trunks need to be inspected and taken care in case of storms.

Missing the inside leaves

A tree is healthy if it sheds the leaves from the ends of its branches, not near the stem. If a tree is shedding its leaves from the inner ends of the branches or from the thick branches close to the trunk, it’s a sign of weak or rotten roots. Trees showing such signs need to be carefully examined by an arborist to take the required action.

Decaying roots

Decaying Roots

Rotting of the roots of a tree is also a sign that the tree is about to die soon. However, you may not notice any such signs as the roots are under the soil and are not visible. The main signs of the rotting of the roots are the shedding leaves, dead branches and growing mushrooms at the base of a tree. It also weakens the trunk of the tree, and that may fall any time in case of strong winds.

Growth of mushrooms near the base

Mushrooms grow for a particular reason that is the growth of fungi in the area. They are the signs of serious danger to the tree. Mushrooms are the spore producing organs of the fungii, and they grow in the area having a network of fungi which penetrates through the wood or soil. Some varieties of mushrooms are not harmful and do not cause any damage to the trees, but some can be deadly for both the wood and leaves. Mushrooms grow near the base and weaken the trunk that may not be able to hold the weight of the tree.

Falling of other nearby trees

Tree Fall

The sudden falling of nearby trees might also be a possible reason for the weakening or leaning of your tree. This usually happens in the cases when there are multiple fungal networks, pests or pathogens lurking in the soil of the area. Such conditions may also affect the trees in your backyard, due to which they may start leaning or shedding the branches.

Final Words

These are some of the possible reasons for the trees falling in your area. If you have a tree that seems in the danger of falling in your house or area, you should immediately contact a professional tree removal service. Removing a leaning or falling tree prevents people, animals and property from the potential risks and damage.

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