Types of Home Air Conditioning

Types of Home Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning, often referred to as AC are devices used to remove moisture and heat from an enclosed area, to make it comfortable to live for the occupants of the room. It is used not only for domestic purposes but also for commercial places. It uses fans to improve the indoor air quality and the comfort of the user. With plenty of options available in the market, it simply becomes difficult for a buyer to choose the perfect air conditioning system. This article provides insights on the different types of air conditioners available in the market.


The 6 Types of Air Conditioners Are:


#1. Central air conditioning – This is the most popular type of air-cooling system. It is used in large houses and large spaces because this system has the ability to cool efficiently. Supply and return ducts are used to circulate cool air in the enclosed area. The ducts and registers are placed on the walls or the floors which carry cool air into the rooms. Once the cool air warms up, the air is transported back to the ducts and to the air conditioner. Installing this particular air conditioning system requires a lot of meticulous planning since the size of the machine should be accurate. A small cooling system, if installed in a big room may increase your costs and will not cool the room efficiently.


#2. Ductless, Mini split air conditioner – These units are used in those houses which have been retrofitted. This system has 2 fittings; outdoor compressor and indoor handling unit. Ductless and Mini Split Systems are used for rooms separately with only one outdoor compressor. Up to 4 mini split conditioners can be attached to the single compressor. Each zone of the cooling system can be controlled individually, i.e. the thermostat of each room is different and thus the temperature can be adjusted easily.


#3. Window air conditioner – As the name suggests, this cooling system is fixed to a window of the room. It cools that particular room only. This cooling system cools the room by bringing cool air into the room and removing the warm air out of the room. It is used in small homes and is not ideal for big houses.


#4. Portable air conditioner – One of the most convenient and affordable air conditioners is the portable air conditioner. These are the modified versions of the window air conditioner. It takes air into the system from the room and expels cool air henceforth. The warm air is moved out using an exhaust hose that is usually installed outside the room. It is a viable option for people with a constrained budget and who require cooling for a particular room only.


#5. Hybrid air conditioners – This air conditioning system works in a way similar to hybrid cars. Hybrid Pump Systems use fossil fuels and electricity to function. These two energy sources are used intelligently to save money and energy. During summers, the cooling system pulls heat from the room and take it out. In winters, it works exactly in a reversed way. It pulls heat from the outside and circulates it into the room to warm it.


#6. Geothermal heating and cooling – As the ground temperature is consistent, this system uses geothermal energy to warm and cool the indoors. During summers, the heat in your room is transferred from the floor to the ground through coils. And, it works exactly in the opposite way during winters. It transfers heat from the ground to the room.


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Thus, these are the six different types of air conditioning system used for different residential purposes. Before investing in an air conditioner, the buyer should know that his decision will not only affect his pocket for years to come.