Types Of Security Doors You Can Install In Your Commercial Establishment

Types Of Security Doors You Can Install In Your Commercial Establishment

To bolster the overall security of the industrial establishment, business owners these days consider installing security doors, along with other accessories too. These include surveillance systems, alarms, and CCTV cameras that often work in a combination. However, the security doors continue to be the most basic unit, given that a robust door can keep away unwanted access to your chambers.


The best security doors are made of durable materials, such as solid hardwood and metals. You can choose from an exclusive collection of high-quality doors that suits your business preferences. Each of these categories comes with some unique features and benefits.


Here, You Can Explore The Different Kinds Of Security Doors:


Card Reading Security Doors


In these security doors, a card reader is used to secure the mechanism. The cards are issued to only people who are authorized to use them, and a single swipe of these cards can open the doors. It offers a great deal of flexibility, as different people can have a specified degree of access. Besides, a business establishment may have multiple secure areas, where selected people get access to them. Accordingly, you need to install the security doors, providing the necessary degree of authority to the employees.


In card reading security doors, the three basic ways capable of being read by the card include RFID, magnetic strip and bar code. In order to know the best solution for your business, reach out to the reputed service providers.


Keypad Control


Security Doors


In security doors with keypad control, a combination of keys or code is used to open the door. This is often an alphanumeric combination. Only the authorized people know this code that prevents everyone from getting access to the area. The business owner may assign a single password for everyone or have different codes for each individual. Compared to card readers, this security system has a specific advantage. In case the card is lost, someone may get access to the area by swiping it. However, when you use keypad control, you do not have this risk.


Radio Transmission


In this system, a device is used to get an access to the automatic garage doors. When a button in the transmitter is pressed, it sends out a signal. The security personnel at the door receive this signal, or it is opened by an automatic opener. You must note that in large organizations, the drive-through doors are large, and this is a good solution for such doors that open slowly. In order to prevent delays, the person requiring entry can simply push the button a little earlier.


Loop Detectors


You may install loop detectors for the entry of vehicles. This is one of the most extensively used categories of security doors. A wire loop is used in these systems that remains embedded in the pavement. An electrical current is sent through the loop. As a result, a magnetic field is created around it. When a car passes over, the steel structure of the vehicle creates a secondary magnetic field. This interferes with the original current present in the loop. A monitor is used to detect the change in the current, and then the gate is opened.


Phone Entry Systems


Installing Security Doors


This mechanism is similar to CCTV systems, where an individual has to be there who lets other people in. However, the key difference between CCTV systems and this mechanism is that, no visual ID is used. Instead, a voice ID is used for the purpose. This type of security door is more advantageous as compared to CCTV systems, as you can assign code words to the people, using the system.




If you are planning to install security doors in your establishment, you need to choose the right solution. Speak to the experts at the reputed companies for a comprehensive guidance so that you end up making the correct decision after all it’s a matter of your business office.