The Ultimate Guide to Carpet Cleaning for Beginners

The Ultimate Guide to Carpet Cleaning for Beginners

Selecting a good carpet for your house was never as difficult a task; however, carpet cleaning is definitely a tougher one. If you are thinking the same thing, you are at the right place. You never want to wash off the luster or softness of the carpet. So here are the prime points you must keep in mind, before stepping into the cleaning shoes.

  • Carpets come in various fibers such as wool, polypropylene, polyester, nylon, olefin, and acrylic. Once, you know what kind of fiber you are dealing with, your cleaning process will be a much easier task.
  • The area of the carpet that needs cleaning. You do not want to mess with your carpet for small accidental stains.
  • Presuming the intensity of the cleaning required. For example, wool is much dust-resistant than nylon, so cleaning procedures for wool carpets will be milder.

The Cleaner Types Available in The Market

#1. Vacuum Cleaners have been the foremost and easiest way to go for carpet cleaning. A regular vacuum cleaning treatment for your carpets keeps them dust-free and reduces possibilities of carpet allergies to quite an extent. So, if you are experiencing runny nose, headache or itchiness, quite often, then maybe, it is time for vacuuming your carpet.

#2. Carpet Detergents or you can say the carpet’s body washes. These are readily available in the market for all fiber-types. It is recommended to use the right detergent for respective fiber, so that you do not get unwanted shock seeing the end result.

#3. Carpet Cleaning Machines are one of the greatest inventions in the world of carpets. It’s also as handy as vacuum cleaner and is used, most often, for full carpet cleaning. It, basically, uses soap and hot water mixture that needs to be used over carpet and most of times have built-in capacity to suck the carpet water back in.

Carpet Cleaning

Procedure of Carpet Cleaning

Rub the area with a clean white cloth. And dry the area as much as you can. Spray carpet detergent over the area with a sprayer and again rub the area with a clean cloth. Now, use a little water to soak the cloth. Make sure not to keep cloth too wet or too dry. Rub the wet cloth again on the affected area to soak the soap. Now, leave the area to dry or use a dryer. Carpet detergents come with a lot of variety in market and even with fiber specialty. So, it is best to read the labels before landing into main action.

The Big Show

When it comes to the whole carpet cleaning, you just need to take care that your wooden furniture does not get damp. A full carpet cleaning is going to be a little longer task. To be on the safer side, remove the light-weight furniture or tape the base of your furniture with plastic. Same applies for you as well. Shoes are going to bring in more dirt, so remove your shoes and use plastic to cover your feet. Detergents can be quite itchy, so don’t be barefoot.

  • Vacuum your carpet well, so that dirt can be removed well. Target the whole area of the carpet.
  • Now mix detergent with warm water into a bucket. Neither too much nor too little. Read the label of the detergent bottle for more information.
  • If you do not have a machine, use hands. Use only carpet cleaner brush otherwise. If the brush is too. it may ruin your carpet.
  • If you have a carpet cleaner machine, it has automatic heating ability. You should move the cleaner machine all over the carpet area.

Removing the soap is an easy process. It can be done easily by using white vinegar and water in equal ratio, put in the machine and follow the same cleaning procedure. Use this method only if you find the carpet still soapy after first cleaning.

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Open Up for Air

Once the cleaning process is done; switch on fans and open all the windows and doors for cross ventilation.

Make least movements on the carpet cleaning. Be patient! It may take 24 hours or more for carpets to dry completely. Once the carpet is dry, you can remove the taped plastic from your furniture or even try changing the location of the same furniture.

Clean Up the Mess

If you are not a believer in saving money, you can always zero in on companies, specialized in providing the best care to your carpet. But, the money that you are going to save adopting the above stated methods can be put to some better use. The choice is yours!