The Ultimate Tile & Grout Cleaning Hacks You Can Use At Home

The Ultimate Tile & Grout Cleaning Hacks You Can Use At Home

Who does not like keeping their house spic and span? I know I don’t. I am the laziest and would give anything for not getting up to take care of my chores. Cleaning is a daily task and should be taken care of properly if we want to prevent diseases in our houses. But it sure takes a lot of effort, especially cleaning tiles and grout that sits over our expensive floors. I seriously am against the regular harsh scrubbing that takes hours to finish. Therefore, some hacks that could make my life and cleaning job easier would be totally welcomed.


We love tiles and the look that comes with them, but the worst part about them is the greasy line that comes around them and stays to worsen your bathroom floors and walls. It usually is the regular deposition of dirt and oil that comes out of our body. They go easily if wiped regularly, however, if you feel to do so, you might need some extra help to get it off. Thanks to some sources, I have come up with some useful tips for tile & grout cleaning that would help you and me to keep our floors and walls shiny as ever, without giving in so much of our time.  


The grout over the tile can be of two types: dark and light. Both of them require a different type of handling and materials. Let’s start off with considering dark lining first:

  • For this, you would require a small amount of baking soda, almost half a glass, and white vinegar and mix it well to get a paste out of it. The paste should be consistent; therefore, the vinegar should be taken accordingly. To apply the mixture to the correct points, use a small brush that would cover the small gaps easily.


  • Apply the mixture with soft hands as rubbing is not required for now. The mixture has to stay over the grout lines for a while. Make sure the floor is dry for the process to work fine.


  • Wait for 30 minutes or so, and then take a small brush or scrubber and start to rub off the paste from over the grout lines. Move the brush in circular motion to clean the tiles effectively. Try to not use a lot of force as it might damage the tiles around. Once you have started to notice the dark lines coming off, clean the leftover baking soda and vinegar to avoid any stain over the tiles.


In case of light grout lines:

  • For tile and grout cleaning, you need to take care of the force you apply on the tiles. Sometimes, access force is unnecessary and might damage the tile. In some cases, the tile grout needs force to get removed.


  • When you notice the light grout lines start to appear on your tiles, understand that it’s a start and you may take the situation in your own hands. In this case, you also need to apply a little less force than you did for dark grout lines.


  • Since the stain would come off easily, you can simply use oxygen bleach that you have in your households. Pour some of it on the tile joints where you notice the grout. To activate the chemical, you need to sprinkle some water over it and wait for a while.


  • Then, get a brush and start to scrub gently over the bleach and again wait for some time. Then wipe of the entire solution and rinse with water. This will brighten up your floors and make them as good as new.


After all, tile and grout cleaning, as it appears is not as difficult as it seemed earlier, right? Apply these methods and notice the change immediately.