Unravelling Indonesia with Holxo

Unravelling Indonesia with Holxo

Indonesia, a group of 17,000 islands, is a bigger part of the largest archipelago in the world. The group of islands is home to many active volcanoes and eruptions, which are a common sight for the travelers.


You will get to see the natural diversity here with the help of our itinerary list – Such as visiting the famous Indonesian spots like the enormous Komodo Dragons, the aggressively blossoming Rafflesia arnoldii and the aptly named birds of paradise are all just a few examples of the immense diversity this place offers. Since the Indonesian culture is an amalgamation of all the different local ethnicities, it has a very rich heritage.


Bali Indonesia Tour


And when talking about Indonesia, how can one not mention Bali, the magical Indonesian town. We help you to discover the brightest side of Bali by providing you the exposure to events and places such as Bumblebee dances, Gamelan music, magnificent museums tours, iconic rice paddies, nearby villages of artisans and ancient sites are all the things that make it a truly splendid travel destination. The town of Ubud is buzzing with cultural performances and the nightlife is extremely lush. From relaxing sea-side spas to wild raves, Bali is one of the most promising travel destinations, without a doubt.


The Indonesia tour packages provided by us at Holxo encompass all this and so much more! Fun group activities like snorkeling in beautiful coral reefs, dragon-spotting treks, deep sea diving and many other fascinating experiences await your arrival with our affordable and carefully devised itineraries. Holxo prepares the best itinerary list with one single motive – to give you a relaxing vacation and help you attain the chic vibe you are looking for.


Gili Island Tour Indonesia


The Gili islands, very close to Bali are a perfect place to relax after Bali. The white sand beaches, glistening as the turquoise waves hit them, back and forth. The air at the Gili islands has the strongest character out of all of Indonesia,making it just the right spot to relax and chill out. These islands have a tropical chic vibe in their entirety. And the calmness and the heavy hitting silence broken only by the crashing waves is a high of it’s own. Our travel experts are well versed with just all the perfect information to help provide perfect indonesian tour packages for you that are not only fun but also good friends with your pocket!


Let’s circle back to the rich heritage of Indonesia with Borobudur or the Gigantic Mandala, since it resembles one from bird’s eye view. It literally surrounds a small hill and is made of stone blocks entirely. This Buddhist temple isn’t just monumental but is also said to be a gateway for salvation.


Moreover, if you’re a fan of offbeat places and destinations, I must remind you that our Indonesia tour packages have it all! Kerinci, the beautiful mountain valley harbors the Kerinci Seblat National Park, the last natural habitat for the splendid Sumatran tiger.


Besides the vibrant fauna, the place is also filled with many jungle-covered hills which are perfect for off-beat treks and climbing.


If you’re looking for an indonesia tour package that suits you, look no further! With Holxo, you do not have to wait for the vacation to begin to truly relax.

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