Will An Upstart Surprise Everyone In The Mobile Game?

Will An Upstart Surprise Everyone In The Mobile Game?

Ever since Google became supreme ruler of earth, android phones have been dominant over iOS devices.  So, it should come as no surprise that a lot of new brands have been coming up since 2016. Comio is one of them. This brand which includes all the features which all the latest android phones have is one of the top contenders for the first place in the technology world. Cost wise, the phones are something of a wonder. With features like a Quad core processor and 3GB ram, the phones come for affordable prices, all of them below Rs 10000.

COMIO Phones

The latest android phones also come with features that will make most of the top brands quiver with fear. If you thought that the Google Pixel 2 had features that made it worth buying, then think again. Except for the unlimited storage, RAM and ROM, both the phones have the same features, with Comio phones being more cost effective. Another feature that all the latest android phones have is 4G support and 2 SIM slots and the Comio Phones are no exception. Each phone boasts 2 SIM slots and support for 4G data. Now, after all that, you must be thinking, ‘But what about the battery? Won’t it run out fast with all of those features? Actually, no. The Comio phones have a battery which is usually more than 3900 mAh so you don’t need to worry about them running out. The phones even have the Nougat/Android 7.0 update pre-installed so you don’t even need to worry about installing the updates and wasting your time. The phones also have a pretty large display so watching videos in high quality won’t be a problem. The phones also have a scratch resistant back cover which means that you won’t have to worry about going to the depths of hell to find that one cover. Overall, if you are looking for a good phone, then I’d suggest one of the Comio Phones. Not only will it meet most of your needs if you are a regular user, but also ensure you do it at a fraction, ok, make it significantly lower cost than your expensive android.

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