Use Bidets and Improve Your Health

Use Bidets and Improve Your Health

Bidets first came to be centuries ago, and over the hundreds of years, they have been surrounded by many misconceptions and confusion. Throughout history, they often appeared with a negative connotation due to which they failed to find their way into the average household of many countries. However, this is a problem, as bidets offer numerous health benefits in the long run. So, if you’re not already taking advantage of them, read on to learn all the benefits of these amazing bathroom fixtures!


How do I use a bidet?


First off, if you’ve never used a bidet before, chances are you have no idea how it works. Have you ever walked into a foreign bathroom to see another, “smaller toilet” next to the proper one? Well, that’s the bidet. It’s a small basin in its traditional form and it’s intended to be used for cleaning your backside after using the toilet – thus, it is usually located next to the toilet.


First, you are supposed to use toilet paper to minimize the amount of debris that gets into the bidet’s basin. Then, removing your pants, you straddle the fixture facing the controls. You can also face away from the controls in case you don’t want to remove your pants, however, setting the temperature and the pressure, which is the next step, is going to be a bit more challenging that way. Make sure you test the temperature before you use the bidet. Position yourself above the jet, and when you’re done, dry yourself off. There are various bidet configurations today, including bidet seats that won’t require a complete overhaul of your bathroom in order to be installed. Moreover, modern bidet seats with handy functions such as air dryers are all available at shops like Bidets Online. Today, you don’t need to use toilet paper first and then wash, you just set configurations on your smart bidet and voilà.


What do I gain from it?




It’s no news that the best way to clean just about anything is with water. When purely relying on dry toilet paper, we are basically throwing the question of hygiene out the window. Even if you feel clean, much of the bacteria still remains on your skin and can cause infections if you’re not careful. This is something important to keep in mind, especially for women, as they are more exposed to UTIs caused by bacteria that are normally found in the bowels. Cleaning yourself at your bidet removes much more of these bacteria and you will not only feel refreshed and clean – you will actually be clean.


Female hygiene


A taboo for many centuries but a topic that must not get swept under the rug is the issue of female hygiene during those days of the month. When you’re on your period, not only is it uncomfortable to rely only on toilet paper, but it’s also unhygienic. Many women thus use special wet wipes for their most sensitive body part. However, these wet wipes often contain artificial fragrances, and you don’t want any of those chemicals down there. A bidet can be a great solution to these problems, as it only uses gentle clean water, and you will feel fresh all day.


A solution to many problems


Another topic not often discussed is digestive disorders that cause different kinds of issues in the bathroom. If you have any of these, you probably already agree that toilet paper is not a good solution. Not only is it uncomfortable and ineffective, but it also irritates your skin and causes itching. Moreover, in case of hemorrhoids, which are extremely common, a great deal of pain might be involved as well. A bidet can be a solution to all of the abovementioned issues; no irritation, effective and the gentlest possible way of cleaning, and comfort. You won’t be using excessive amounts of toilet paper either when you have diarrhea.


A godsend for the pregnant and elderly




Towards the end of pregnancy, if you’ve experienced it, you will agree that it gets increasingly difficult to make certain kinds of movement – reaching back included. You won’t have to struggle with this if you can just simply use a bidet instead. Moreover, after giving birth, you will find that you are still extremely sensitive down there, so you don’t want to irritate the area even more. Moreover, after a certain age, the elderly start to become less and less independent. However, having a bidet might just be what grants independence to the person as it enables them to take care of themselves in the bathroom.


It is clear that bidets are for everyone. From children through adults all the way to the elderly, it has numerous health benefits and makes your everyday life a tad more comfortable. Once you start using it, you will see what a big difference it makes!


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