Use the Dexterity of Professional Transmission Rebuilders for Car

Use the Dexterity of Professional Transmission Rebuilders for Car

Transmission rebuilders are professional people who specialize in the automatic transmissions of commercial and automotive vehicles. Having trouble with your vehicle’s transmission system can be extremely stressful and expensive. When a vehicle fails to work as expected, it can frustrate to decide whether you should replace your transmission system or rebuild it. Let’s see what these professionals do, and how they can help you.


4 Steps Involved in Transmission Rebuilding


Rebuilding a transmission requires professional expertise and dexterity. It is not as simple as changing your car’s engine oil. It requires the right tools, techniques and knowledge to accomplish the job successfully. Here are the main steps that transmission rebuilders have to follow:


#1. Removal of the transmission: Removing the transmission needs utmost care and precision. Several parts of the transmission look similar, and novice transmission rebuilders may easily get confused with them. They remove the complete engine block from the car before they can remove the transmission. They also remove the transmission oil pan and the torque converter. Once they remove the transmission, they take it to a clean place covered with plastic trash bags.


#2. Cleaning and replacement of the parts: With their experience and knowledge, transmission rebuilders can quickly identify which parts are creating a problem and which one need replacement. They clean all the transmission parts and replace the broken ones. Disassembling and replacing the transmission parts require complete knowledge and heavy tools that are available with professionals only.


#3. Reassembling of the transmission: This is perhaps the most important step involved in transmission rebuilding. Even the perfect parts may fail to work if they are not placed together correctly. This is where the handiness of professionals comes in. Each and every tiny part of the transmission needs to be placed at a specific point. Proper reassembling helps in the placing of the car components in the best possible manner. Along with that, when the parts are reassembled, they ensure a steady on-road performance.


#4. Tests: Once the transmission rebuilders reassemble your transmission system, they carry out a number of tests to ensure that everything’s working fine. They test drive your car and make the necessary adjustments if any. Finally, they check the vehicle for quality assurance, including checking for any missing or loose bolts, correct fluid levels, and checking any leaks. They also ensure that all the electrical joints are fastened properly.




Time Taken by Transmission Rebuilding


Time is an important factor when it comes to sending your car for transmission rebuild. If the transmission system of your car’s model is easily available, then the transmission rebuilders may be able to rebuild it successfully within a day. The time is taken for the process also depends on the dexterity level of the rebuilder. On an average, experienced professionals can rebuild two transmission systems in a day, but complicated processes may consume an entire day alone. The more complex your transmission is and the more speciality components it is equipped with, the more time it is going to consume. So, plan your rebuild accordingly.


Factors that Affect your Transmission Rebuild Cost


Undoubtedly, transmission rebuild is expensive, and most of the amount is charged as labor only. However, there are certain factors that can further affect your cost:

  • Extent of damage
  • Manual or automatic transmission system
  • Make and model of the car
  • Location of the repair shop


Rebuilding your car’s transmission system can save you money, as it will be much less expensive than replacing the entire transmission. While the process is a little bit complicated, you should hand over the job to professional transmission rebuilders and leave the rest to their experienced mind.

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