Various Innovative and Recommended Keyword Research Tools for SEO Foundation

Various Innovative and Recommended Keyword Research Tools for SEO Foundation

There are various keyword tools present online that can be used to lay the foundation for keywords to be used in Search Engine Optimization.

Google Keyword Planner

Many experts claim that it is the best keyword tool in the market. Basically, it is designed for advertisement, but you can also use it to search keyword that can be used organically in the SEO. These researched keywords should be derived from the results based on competition. You can begin by entering the name of product and service for which you want to generate the keyword, then enter the details about the competitor’s product landing page in the interface. Then try customizing the search result for different keywords.

Through this tool, you will get help in,

  • Searching for the latest keywords and getting new ideas for a group of ads.
  • You can obtain the list of keywords with a great volume of search.
  • For the listed keywords, you can obtain the reports about loads of traffic.

KW Finder

This tool can be used to research about long keywords. It has a good interface which helps you by showing the latest news on what’s trending, the volume of search based on keywords, the difficulty level in obtaining the end result. It helps in finding the local keywords. You can obtain them by entering the details about city, town, country or state. You can also consider the difficulty level of individual keywords which further reveals the detail about the sharing options and backlinks etc. targeted to the specific keywords. It is very helpful while marketing on Search Engine Optimization of the content. You can search them online by typing trending Amazon keywords.

Moz’s Keyword Explorer

This tool has been developed by Moz that provides some extra level of help in finding the research keywords. It provides a dimension like a difficulty level and the search volume associated with the specific keyword. It also helps in,

  • It showcases the various opportunities being provided for obtaining the results organically.
  • It talks about the importance of keyword for launching the marketing campaign
  • It obtains the metrics of various potential keywords that can help in prioritizing them.

Keyword Tool

According to many people, this tool can be a good start to for mining information about the keywords. This tool takes help from Google autocomplete feature so that it can be able to develop a database based on long keywords. This tool is available for free for extracting first 750 keywords. If you want to obtain the data about an individual keyword, then try signing the pro version. You can even download the result in CSV. You can search the longtail keywords for various apps like Amazon, YouTube, etc.


Various tools can help in getting appropriate suggestions for the keywords to be used in Search Engine Optimization of the content. In fact, they can be of great help in various marketing campaigns. You can even get various associated information associated with specific keywords that can help you in understanding them.