What Do You Need to Know About Bell Fireplaces For Your Home?

What Do You Need to Know About Bell Fireplaces For Your Home?

As soon as winter arrives, we all want to enjoy a warm and comfortable winter evening. Not only that, we want to sit beside a fireplace in the living room and enjoy. Isn’t it? Furthermore, fireplaces are always in demand during the winter and spring season. Hence, we can say that a home is incomplete without a fireplace. If you are thinking to buy a new fireplace for your home, then there is no better option than Bell fireplaces.


Are you are familiar with the name “Bellfires”? Well, it is a big name in the fireplace manufacturing industry. Moreover, people love and trust the quality and efficiency of Bellfire fireplaces. That is the main big reason to opt for a Bellfire fireplace. Are you planning to remodel or renovate your home? Are you buying a new home? Bellfire refractory gas fireplaces are an excellent option of all times.


History of Bell fireplaces:


Earlier, the Bell fireplaces were not very energy efficient. In fact, the old households had a traditional chimney setup. Furthermore, this was for evacuating the generated heat or exhaust from the fireplace. People used them as a heating source during cold winter days. But, most of the heat went out the chimney. Hence, that was a waste of energy. Now, most modern homes don’t have that type of chimney exhaustion system at all. As there is no chimney setup, there is no energy wastage. That means, modern fireplaces are more energy efficient than the old fireplaces.


If you are planning to make a big buy, then you need to know about different types of available Bell fireplaces. It’s important that you completely understand what you’re buying. So, think before you decide!


What does a refractory bell fireplace mean?


Modern Bell fireplace is less smoky and more energy efficient. Furthermore, a refractory Bellfire fireplace is very efficient. In fact, it is capable of withstanding high flames or high heat. A good definition of a refractory fireplace is that it is capable of handling high heat. Hence, while buying a new fireplace, opt for a refractory type fireplace for your home.


What makes the Bellfires Fireplaces great?


Do you want to give your living room a traditional look? Then there is no better option than Bell fireplaces. Are you focusing on getting comfortable heating? Give some real thought to buy a Bellfire fireplace. Bellfire Fireplace isn’t only energy efficient. In fact, each Bellfire Fireplace carries unique craftsmanship and designing. The ceramic insulations on the fireplaces make them look timeless. These fireplaces keep the heat inside. Furthermore, that reduces the energy wastage. The stored heat reflects back into your entire living room. So, you get to enjoy the best fire experience during the winters. Hence, keep your family warm. Make them feel comfortable by installing a Bellfire Fireplace.


Bell Fireplaces


Things to consider before choosing a Bellfire fireplace:


Purchasing a perfect fireplace for your home isn’t easy. It isn’t what you do on a daily basis. Isn’t it? in fact, it’s pretty obvious that you might not know about fireplaces. Don’t know which type of fireplace would be the best for your home? In that case, you must follow the below points. These will help you in choosing the best fireplace for your home!


What type of fireplace you want:


Bell fireplaces generally come in a wide variety of designs and styles. These are available in traditional designs and contemporary designs. Furthermore, these are antique mantelpieces and classic mantelpieces available for you. In fact, you will get all types of fireplace styles in a comprehensive range. Now, which style will suit your home? That completely depends on you! Think about how your home looks and what changes you want to make in it. Imagine which type of fireplace will suit your home’s ambiance and interiors.


Heat efficiency requirement:


Indeed, a gas Bellfire Fireplace is very much heat efficient. But, if you don’t enjoy too much heat and warmth, then you must think about what heating efficiency you need in the fireplace. This will help you by reducing the heating costs. So, consider your requirements first and then make a decision.


Direct vented/unvented fireplace:


Most of the modern homes now look for the unvented fireplace as they don’t have any chimney system. Bell fireplaces are available in both direct vented and unvented forms. So, you can choose any of these two as per your home. While direct vented fireplace comes with a sealed combustion system, unvented fireplace expel exhaust in the room atmosphere. Hence, it is best advised that you choose to buy a direct vented fireplace that will ventilate the whole exhaust outside your home!


Budget and the return of investment:


The comprehensive range of Bell fireplaces is available from low to high price ranges. So, you need to fix the budget first. You can keep the expanse low by purchasing a simple but elegant fireplace. Otherwise, you can make a big investment by purchasing an expensive fireplace. In both the cases, you will make a lifetime investment. Bellfire fireplaces are popular for their durability. Hence, these fireplaces will last like the same for years and years.


Bell Fireplaces


No need to worry about the installation:


As for the fireplace installation, when you would buy the fireplace, the service team will reach out to your place. They will install the fireplace within a short time. Without facing any extra difficulty, your entire installation process will be complete. Later, if you want, then they can show you about how to use the fireplace.


Final Say:


Your home is the ultimate place where you enjoy some quality time with your family. A Bellfire fireplace will only add an extra value to your home. At the same time, it will enhance your home’s appearance.  So, if you don’t yet have a fireplace in your home, think of getting a new gas fireplace. If you’re thinking about giving your living room a whole new look or making some changes into your home, then give some serious thoughts about buying one of the Bell fireplaces. For further help, don’t hesitate to contact!


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