What Is Mesotherapy?

What Is Mesotherapy?

When ‘body shaming’ is the new talk of the town, there are many who are under its clutches. Are you too ashamed of your body? Have you been embarrassed publicly for your shape? I know how pathetic it is to be pointed out in between a whole crowd for your inappropriate figure. Further, while coming to the factor of dresses, ‘fat’ people aren’t meant for all kinds of dresses. But does God give any mandate like this? It is you people who are ashamed of wearing all types of dresses. But hold on guys, here is a solution to all your problems. Mesotherapy it is!

Mesotherapy is a newly found treatment for reducing weight. You might be wondering why out of so many treatments, I chose Mesotherapy? Well, no other treatment is as painless as Mesotherapy. It helps in body contouring, face or neck rejuvenation, excess weight and many more. The patient will have to resist a lot of injections. The injections contain vitamins, minerals and medication approved by FDA. A unique feature of the injection is that it can be customized as per your needs.

What Can You Expect From Mesotherapy?

Aren’t you inquisitive about the treatment? Well, let me explain. Once you decide to undergo this treatment, you are likely to experience the following things:

  • The injections push the medication into the mesoderm level of your skin. This is the layer consisting of tissues and fat right under your skin.
  • The ingredients of the mixture will be provided as per person’s requirements and depends on the body section that is being treated.
  • Apart from weight reduction, the treatment also reduces pain and stops hair fall both for men and women.

Difference Between Mesotherapy And Liposuction

What Is Mesotherapy

Many of you can tally this with liposuction. Do you think both of the ideas are different? Their similarity lies in the fact that both reduce weight. Apart from this fact, there are numerous reasons that make both the treatments different. Here are some reasons why you should choose Mesotherapy:

  • Mesotherapy uses anesthetic creams in the specific area before injecting. Hence, you do not feel the pain. On the contrary, liposuction is a surgical method. Also, it asks you to take painkiller after the surgery.
  • Regarding marks upon the skin, there be light bruises or swelling on the area of injection. But on undergoing liposuction, you may experience moderate scars. Who wants a permanent scar mark upon his or her body!
  • Liposuction is definitely a faster option as the excess fat is sucked out in the right method. On the other hand, Mesotherapy may not give you happy results so soon but will definitely be a permanent one. It is a much cost effective method than liposuction.

For beginners, Mesotherapy is non-surgical. Since it is a long term process, people are widely appreciating it and getting to know the worth of Mesotherapy. It began long back in France in 1952. Initially, it was not developed to reduce weight but to treat lymphatic and vascular disorders. Gradually scientists and doctors discovered that the elements in the injection can be utilized in various purposes as well. Later it became the Jack of all trades. When in any problem, only undergo Mesotherapy, a cure for all diseases.