What to Look for In an Asphalting Service Provider?

What to Look for In an Asphalting Service Provider?

There is a massive demand for asphalting service providers and for good reasons. After all, different surfaces and areas need to be restored and renovated for different reasons. Asphalting is the most common restoration method used for sidewalks, streets, curbs, driveways and more. Asphalting service providers also offer additional services for both commercial and residential paving solutions.


What is Asphalting?

Asphalting is laying the asphalt concrete, a composite material, on the surface of roads and parking lots. The mineral aggregate is made of asphalt which is laid in layers. The asphalt concrete is a mixture of asphalt with a bituminous mixture used in construction. The mineral aggregate adheres with a binder. Different technologies and equipments compact the asphalt layers and refine and enhance the whole process. There are different types of asphalt concrete with different performance characteristics that add to the surface durability and performance. One must take into consideration the performance expectation due to the higher volume of traffic when looking for asphalting services.


What to Expect from an Asphalting Service Provider?

Asphalting services are required in both commercial and residential areas and are a preferred paving solution. An experienced asphalting service provider can provide high-quality pavement replacements and help in the maintenance of parking lots and pathways. Their services can increase the lifespan while reducing costs in the long run. With an asphalt service provider, you can get grading and paving, installations of concrete sidewalks, demolitions, replacements, excavations of subgrade and installations of granite curbings.


Tips for Hiring the Right Asphalting Service Provider

The driveway, parking lot and other pathways are exposed to not just the traffic but weather elements too. Thus, it is essential to keep the surfaces in good condition. You would need an expert asphalting service provider for your asphalt maintenance and to fix any holes or cracks. However, you should know what to look for when looking for an asphalting service for your commercial or residential needs.


  • Do extensive research: Ask your friends and go online to browse information on asphalting services in your area. You can compile a list of top service providers based on the reviews and testimonials. Be sure to browse their websites and learn about the company.


  • Ask some questions: Now that you have some names get in touch with them one by one, via phone or email. Ask about their level of expertise and experience as well as the kind of projects they have worked on. Based on the above information, you can narrow down the list to just 2 or 3 names.


  • Get multiple quotes: After that, you can get price quotes from the asphalting service providers on your final list. Keep in mind that asphalting can get expensive so one should try to get the best value out of their money. Be sure to get quotes from at least three different service providers.


  • Contact in person – Once you have made the final comparison based on experiences, services and the price quotes, it is time to get in touch with them personally. Nothing can be better than having face-to-face communication.  Go for the asphalting service provider that you feel can meet your needs well within your budget and the one you feel most comfortable with.


What to look for in an Asphalting Service Provider

The asphalting service provider you finalise should carry several years of experience and should have worked on both small and big projects. He should be comfortable working with residential and commercial projects as well as on roads, highways, and parkways. Their team should have the equipment, experience, and knowledge to commence any asphalt project. Ensure that the company makes use of only top quality asphalt materials and gives a quality finish. Look for only professional and friendly services when hiring the asphalting contractor.