Why Choose Architectural Cornices and Mouldings for the House?

Why Choose Architectural Cornices and Mouldings for the House?

If you wish to provide ornamental appeal to your house, then you can go for both conventional and modern look for the structure of the house. This finished appearance can be achieved with the installation of cornices and mouldings. It makes the house look very beautiful.  It also helps and eases the transition from the wall or the floor. The plain moulds that are used basically enhance the entire look of the house. Even though the cornices are almost similar to the mouldings, they are more decorative. The difference is that the mouldings have dimensions that are uniform whereas the cornices have varying projections.


Reasons to have Decorative Cornices and Mouldings


  • Conventional and the Modern look: The architectural cornices and mouldings are the best and an effective way to enhance the interior design. This is why the homeowners opt for the cornices and aim to transform the look of the house.


  • Adds Aesthetic Factor: The cornices and mouldings have proved to be the perfect element for the house that will give it a decorative look. When installed on the top of the walls, it gives the house an attractive and stylish look.


  • Easy to Install: The process of the installation of architectural cornices and mouldings is very convenient. It is in fact very simple. In fact, you can order them readymade and mount them on the walls or any other desired position.


  • Adds Value to the Property: The value of the house will definitely increase once these cornices and mouldings are installed. This is because the cornices and mouldings have got the capability to convert the bare room to an interesting space. Therefore, it adds great resale value.


  • Follows Classy Interiors: The homeowners usually wish to decorate their house and give it a classy feel. This is possible if they install cornices and mouldings.


Types of Cornices and Mouldings


  • Plastered Mouldings: The moulds that have various dimensions, as well as styles to give the house or the ceiling of the house a decorative look, are the plastered mouldings. It also adds texture and style with an extremely neat finishing. The homeowner can easily select from the wide range of styles as per the size of the rooms. Your tastes and styles are all available in the market, hence it becomes easy for you to choose.


  • Architectural Cornices and Mouldings: The plastered ones provide a simpler look. They are usually of the Victorian style. If you want to give your house a modern look, then you have to choose the architectural cornices and mouldings.


What are the Benefits?



  • The transition that is formed after the installation of architectural cornices and mouldings between the walls and the ceilings provides an attractive effect to the interior of the house.


  • The homeowners have no stress while installing extra decors. The space that is required is very adjustable, especially for the curtain profiles. There is absolutely no need to install the rails.


  • The ceiling begins to look bigger and even broader. The cornices and the mouldings can actually add to an extra dimension to the ceiling.


Architectural Cornices and Mouldings


It is essential to pay attention to very small things so that the design of the house turns out to be enigmatic. The most effective way to dramatically increase the visual appeal is by incorporating cornices and mouldings. But make sure, they are installed by experienced and qualified professionals only.