Why Choose Removable Bollards? How Are They Better Than Other Kinds?

Why Choose Removable Bollards? How Are They Better Than Other Kinds?

To simply put, a bollard is short and sturdy vertical post, which may be either fixed or removable. It is just a post on the quay or ship used for the purpose of mooring boats. Bollards are also used as post to control traffic, prevent ramming attacks on cars and other vehicles. There are various categories of bollards including traffic bollard, maritime bollard, bell bollard, removable bollard, illuminated bollard, and others. Among so many kinds, the removal bollard is popular for several reasons. Removable bollard is popular, as it may be hinged to the ground to allow vehicles to pass by. Removable bollard can reach to the level of the ground when folded flat. So, the vehicles can pass by uninterruptedly.

Removable bollard, as the name suggests, may be moved from one location of the ground to another. It shows its tremendous usefulness at times of emergency when the vehicles have to pass by. Removable bollard also helps in creating an emergency entrance when the vehicular access is not permitted.

So, they also help to expand the areas. If the bollard is removable, it does not imply that you may remove it easily. The car parking barrier or bollard bears custom design to restrict any unauthorized removal or unauthorized transfer. It features tamper-proof mechanism, which only the authorized personnel may have access.


The purpose of choosing bollards

There are various advantages of choosing bollards. They prevent damage to cars and trucks. The vehicles like cars and trucks cannot bump into the building structure or any equipment, if proper bollards are used. If you bump into a bollard, the bollard can get scoffed in the meanwhile. This is why one must use bollard cover to prevent any replacement work.

The cover safeguards the bollard from any impact. Even if it gets scraped or scoffed, the object will not be an eyesore. You may either use the cover to prevent any scoffing and scraping or else, apply to the already damaged bollard. This is done to prevent it from becoming an eyesore.


Reasons for choosing removable bollard


  • The first and foremost reason for choosing removable bollard is the portability factor. You may use removable bollard in a location for temporary period, and then remove or shift it to another place. Temporary installation of such objects can change the layout of the place accordingly.
  • Cost factor is another benefit. To change the layout or setting of the given location, you do not have to spend too much.
  • As the bollard is easy to install, you need to bear only small initial cost. But, if you want to protect vehicles in the crash-prone area, you can also install a bulky bollard.
  • Stainless steel removable bollard is durable, tough, and long lasting. It provides a lot of aesthetic value to the car parking spaces. Bollards of stainless steel are modern and stylish to look at.
  • Durable and sturdy removable bollard is easy to maintain and upkeep.


The locking mechanism is beneficial

Bollards have undergone many innovations. This is demonstrated through removable bollard, which has the locking mechanism. Its locking system is upgraded to prevent any unauthorized access. Bollards do feature reflective strips and are seen at night. This in turn prevents road accidents due to hitting.



Bollards for safety and security

Where fixed bollards are a hassle to maintain, removable bollard is easier to maintain and upkeep. It offers ultimate safety and security to people. There is also the option of decorative bollards available in varied designs, sizes, styles, and colors.

You may use bollard as per your need. Consider the space where it will be used. Use it in the parking area, shopping space, and other spaces. Visitors, employees, assets can be safeguarded with the use of proper bollards.