Wilderness Survival Tips: Best Way To Stay Alive For Long

Wilderness Survival Tips: Best Way To Stay Alive For Long

Over the last century or so, life has become incredibly comfortable. You can get anything right in front of you and even the world became smaller and smaller. But, things might not be always by your side, especially when you are stranded in the wild. You have been out camping with your friends just to enjoy horse riding, but things took a dark turn. You got lost because you fail to control your horse’s movement, and now you are in the middle of nowhere and alone. You trust your friends and they will come to rescue you. But for the time being, you have to survive, and for that, these wilderness survival tips will help you big time.


  • Set your priority rights:


What do you want to do first? Would you start building a shelter to get rid of hypothermia or should you first light up a fire? You should get your priorities right. It is hard to find a pen and paper in the middle of a jungle. So, try to create a checklist in your mind and then work on the plan accordingly. Avoid panicking as that will mess with your mind for sure.


  • Tie up your horse first:


First of all, you have to do something about the animal which is with you. You have to tie your horse with the nearest tree and make this knot quite strong so that it cannot run away. During the night time, it is not a clever idea to ride a horse to get down to locality. Chances are high that you might lose your path. Avoid that issue in the first place by resting for the night and start your journey early the next morning. For some more details on a horse, you can visit the official site of TVG for a change.


  • Start a fire:


You have to collect some of the dry leaves and branches to start a fire. If you are lucky enough to have a lighter on you then it is amazing. In case you don’t, use stone pieces together by brushing them with all your might. When you see a spark, try adding some dry leaves and twigs, which might help the fire to light up even more. You need to make as big of a fire as you can because you are middle of a jungle and have to keep the wild animals at bay.


  • Look for some food:


Try to look for food before the sun gets down and everything turns pitch black. At first, start looking for the trees nearby if you can recognize any of them. After that, you have to look for some smaller animals like rabbits or birds, which you can cook over the fire. Always remember that you are trying to survive. So anything edible is always welcome.


Wilderness Survival Tips


Always be cautious:


Just because you have good food in your stomach, that does not mean you should sleep like a log. Yes, you should take rest but you have to be cautious at the same time. Any single movement can cause big trouble.

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