10 Interesting Facts About Beard Transplant

10 Interesting Facts About Beard Transplant

People have different views about the beard. Some call it a symbol of manhood and other do not want to grow a beard no matter what happens. Growing beard is trendy these days and different styles are being followed by men from different parts of the world. If you do not have enough beard hair volume and you are aware of the immense value of beard, you may want to enhance your beard. A beard hair transplant can grow more hair naturally if you want to increase your beard hair volume. This article discusses 10 interesting facts about the beard transplant.


If you need hair on a part of the scalp or face, this topic is for you.


Understanding Beard Transplant


This type of surgery has become popular in recent years due to different reasons. One of the reasons being the increasing popularity of different beard styles. Like scalp hair transplant, this one is also a surgical procedure that can grow hair on bald spots in your beard area. Men who take good care of their beards often use premium men’s grooming products, but men without much of a beard don’t have to worry about that. That’s where beard transplants come in.


The treatment seems simple but there are complicacies that must be considered before undergoing it. Lets’ discuss the top ten facts about beard hair transplant surgery:


10 Facts About Beard Hair Transplant


It is time to discuss the most important things about beard hair transplant. Here are the things you must know you are interested in this remarkable procedure:


  1. Scalp Hair will be Transplanted: The hair from the same person would be used to implant on the beard area. In general, hair from the back side of the scalp is extracted carefully and transplanted on the beard area.
  2. Micro Incisions are Required: This is a surgical treatment and the recipient area will undergo tiny incisions before the hair grafts are inserted into the tiny incisions on the recipient area.
  3. Hair Growth for a Lifetime: This is not going to be a short-term The treated area will keep growing hair for a lifetime.
  4. Young People can Take it: Some cosmetic treatments are not good for young people but this is not the case with a beard hair transplant. People of as young as 21 age can take it without worrying about the risk of complications.
  5. Hair Growth Keeps Changing: The hair growth will keep changing over the coming months. Right after the transplant, the hair will shed in one week. The hair will grow again and the hair growth will keep changing over the next months.
  6. Crusts Formation is Normal: It is normal if tiny crusts form around the treated areas that were transplanted and will last for about a week. The person must not worry about it because it is just skin scabbing during the healing process.
  7. Hair Transplants are Common: The people who want to follow the latest beard trends are taking interest in beard hair transplant nowadays. Moreover, it has become simple and smooth to get it done these days.
  8. Hair Transplant can be Expensive: The treatment can be quite expensive in some areas of the world. For example, people are paying about $7,000 to get it done in the United States. Some people may have to even more than this.
  9. Transplanting Chest Hair can Fail: Normally, hair restoration surgeons take hair from the back side of the scalp to transplant on the beard area. If the person does not have scalp hair, the professionals can consider using the chest hair (if any).
  10. Transplanted Hair Initially Fall: It is important to mention that the hair will fall soon after being transplanted by the hair transplant surgeon. This is obvious and the patient should not be worried about it. The hair will grow again and keep growing after that. Within a few months, the person will be able to shave that hair


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Want to Grow More Beard Hair Naturally?


You have read 10 interesting facts about beard hair transplant. In the end, we can say that the appearance of a beard can be enhanced through a simple hair transplant procedure.


Do you want to grow hair on bald areas of the beard? Do you want to get more beard hair volume? Are you a good candidate for this procedure?


If you want to know how this procedure is going to benefit you, consulting a professional in your area will be a good idea. So make a list of questions, book an appointment, and visit the nearest professional.


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