5 Questions You Generally Ask about Wikipedia

5 Questions You Generally Ask about Wikipedia

Wikipedia, the largest online encyclopedia in the world is not only a website but it is a platform where people share and gather information. It is the fifth most visited website in the world currently and about 18 billion pages are viewed every month on Wikipedia. People often use Wikipedia and have a number of queries with respect to what Wikipedia is and how Wikipedia operates. People often get their answers on Wikipedia and sometimes external information providers make the considerations on the same. Let’s take a look at 5 questions that are related to Wikipedia are generally asked by people who use Wikipedia.

  1. Who created Wikipedia?

People often have a curiosity to know about who created Wikipedia? It is said in the facts presented by Wikipedia that this website was initially an idea of Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger. These were the two individuals who came up with the idea to make an online encyclopedia that could make the information to be shared with people all around the world. They started this website in 2001 and since then the website has slowly and gradually grown in context of increasing its reach and accessibility to all the regions of the world.

  1. What are the main mediums of exchanging information?

The other question that people have about Wikipedia is about the medium of sharing information. Well, this question could clearly be answered with just accessing or visiting Wikipedia once. The articles and content that are shared on Wikipedia have the written content and some of the graphical images which means that the main medium of sharing information is written content. You can write articles about different things and can post it on Wikipedia as it only accepts written content as a medium of sharing information. You won’t be able to find videos or audios or any such thing on Wikipedia.

  1. Is the article editable after being published?

People often think about editing the article after it has been published on Wikipedia and this is another query that is generally inquired by people about Wikipedia. Yes, it is possible for you to edit an article on Wikipedia after you publish it. Also, you have the options of getting Wikipedia editors for hire to get you some edits in your page. Moreover, people can make edits to other pages as well on Wikipedia and this is one of the things that is really counted in building the Wikipedia profile.

  1. Does Wikipedia only publish articles in one language?

People also think about the languages and often think that Wikipedia is only available in English which is not the case. Since Wikipedia operates in different regions it is essential for Wikipedia to publish articles in different languages and thus they do the same. Wikipedia publishes articles in 301 different languages. The idea to publish it in different languages is to increase the reachability of Wikipedia and making the same to be readable to every individual in the world.

  1. Can anybody make a Wikipedia page?

Well, this is the most complex question among all of the questions that have been mentioned yet about Wikipedia. Although it is possible for anybody to create a Wikipedia page for whatever reasons they want however it is not as easy as people think. Wikipedia has strict guidelines and requirements that are required to be catered in making the page and thus anybody who wants to create a page there must know the details of Wikipedia in depth. However, one of the easiest ways to get this done is to hire a professional Wikipedia page creator and they could do this easily for you.

These were of the questions that often pop up in the mind of people when they hear about Wikipedia. Each of these questions has been answered with appropriate responses to make the readers to be benefitted.