5 Things To Know About MHADA’s Lottery Scheme 2019

5 Things To Know About MHADA’s Lottery Scheme 2019

Finding affordable housing in popular locations in Maharashtra can be an arduous task. This is especially so if you are considering buying a flat in a location like Mumbai where the price of a 1BHK apartment can soar up to Rs.1 crore and more. Thankfully, MHADA or the Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Authority has made it possible for you to own a house more affordable by way of its yearly lottery scheme.


The good news is that even though applications to this housing scheme were to be closed, they are currently open due to the imminent Lok Sabha elections and the electoral code of conduct. So, while you can still register for the MHADA lottery, learn more about the scheme.


The Idea Behind MHADA’s Schemes 


The MHADA scheme, which seeks to make buying houses more affordable, was introduced by the Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Act, 1976. This scheme makes it possible for people from economically weaker sections, lower- and middle-income groups to become homeowners. Every year the MHADA scheme reserves certain units in chosen areas to these income brackets. This year, around 7,000 houses will be up for grabs through the lottery, 238 of which are in Mumbai.


The 4 Lotteries Currently Running


At present, there are lotteries running in four locations in Maharashtra: Pune, Aurangabad, Nashik, and Mumbai. MHADA Pune is set to be the largest of the four offerings a whopping 4,664 to the public. Reports say that there are 1,183 houses available through Nashik’s lottery and another 917 houses through Aurangabad’s scheme.


In each lottery, the housing units are further divided as per the income category. For example, in Mumbai, you have 170 1BHK apartments located in Chembur reserved for the LIG bracket and 46 2BHK apartments for the MIG income bracket located in Powai.


Important Dates You Need To Remember


Since the lottery is currently running, you stand a chance to register for it. Here are the important dates that you need to know about.


MHADA Mumbai


Registration                            : till 24/05/2019 23:59

Payment                                  : till 24/05/2019 23:59

Draw and list of winners      : 02/06/2019


MHADA Nashik


Registration                            : till 13/05/2019 23:59

Payment                                  : till 15/05/2019 23:59

Draw and list of winners      : 29/05/2019


MHADA Aurangabad


Registration                            : till 13/05/2019 17:00

Payment                                  : till 15/05/2019 23:59

Draw and list of winners      : 04/06/2019




Registration                            : till 22/05/2019 17:00

Payment                                  : till 24/05/2019 23:59

Draw and list of winners      : 07/06/2019


Eligibility Criteria For The MHADA Lottery


To stand a chance to win an MHADA lottery, you need to meet basic eligibility criteria. You need to:


  • Be a major, that is, at least 18 years old.
  • Possess a PAN Card
  • Belong to one of the eligible monthly income brackets. Currently, EWS covers incomes up to Rs.25,000, LIG ranges from Rs.25,001 to Rs.50,000, MIG spans from Rs.50,001 to Rs.75,000, and HIG extends from Rs.75,001 to beyond. A good step to take here is to check for any income criteria revisions.


How To Apply For The MHADA Lottery


Registering yourself for the lottery can be done in a few simple steps online.


  • Visit the MHADA lottery page of your choice online at https://lottery.mhada.gov.in
  • Click on register and enter your profile into MHADA’s system.
  • Login again with the username you have set, select the lottery scheme of your choice, preferred location, and end by furnishing personal and financial details.
  • After applying, make the online payment and save the payment slip for reference.
  • Wait for the results on the dates indicated.


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