7 Proven Tips to Boost Your Affiliate Marketing Traffic

7 Proven Tips to Boost Your Affiliate Marketing Traffic

An Affiliate Marketing site is futile if it isn’t indexed or ranked in the search engines. Just as a matter of fact any website will have no visitors if no attempt is made to boost its rankings. Your site ranking depends upon lots of variables. I am not going to list all them. But to keep up a growth that is steady in the view of search engines, there are some things which you have to do always.

7 Tips to skyrocket your Affiliate Marketing Traffic

Regular Updates on your Blog or Website

Add fresh content to your site or blog frequently. Write articles or publish product reviews. Expand on it if a post has been written on by you before or split this up. You might also evaluate even a trial item or a completely totally free e-book although it might be tricky to compose product review. There’s absolutely no rule but suffice to say approximately 8 posts a month is great.

Website Directories

Submitting sites to directories will help add you to their directory listing. A number of the directories require registration. Free ones are offered but you will get much more visibility and better listing to your affiliate website if you pay for it. My advice will be to submit to 20 directories.

Article Directories

Choose any of your articles and submit them to specific directories. The longer article directories that you submit, the higher your positions. However, do submit them to high PR directories. It might be tedious to manually publish every one of these but you will see the benefit coming earlier or later from doing so. It will save time doing manual admissions, Or in the event that you have an informative article submission software.

Forum Commenting

If you have not registered to any forums related to your niche. Stay active in 1 or two forums and take part in the discussions. Do not limit yourself to saying “thanks” or”a great article”. Post something useful and of value. For you are going to start building your network there and also a new group of friends. My advice would be to post 2 comments every day or at least 1. This will build traffic to your affiliate marketing site.

Blog Commenting

Although blogs may work the same as forums, submitting comments on “dofollow” websites can build backlinks to your website. Locate a list of “dofollow” blogs and make good helpful comments on them. Find 30 articles or one per day and post comments.

Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking sites had not much focus until recently. Because it reaches out to everybody it has gotten more popular over the past few years and data has a greater chance of reaching the masses through social networks or websites. A fantastic way to begin bookmarking your blog posts on websites that are social is through SocialMarker. You can search on Google. It’s a list of all Social Websites. Register for SocialMarker and put in your blog posts to raise visitors and backlinks to your affiliate advertising website.


There is an option for you after posting them is to tweet an article or your own site immediately. After posting them I do this and I really do see a rise of followers after that. You could even talk about services or products related to your market. That said it is important to have followers That Are in Exactly the Same niche as your Affiliate Marketing Site


I hope you find this listing of hints helpful to help boost traffic to your site. All of this might sound tedious and difficult but affiliate marketing is not quite as easy as it sounds. You’ll find your site ranking earlier or later if the above methods are finished consistently.

Credits: Marketinginfo