7 Washing Machine Repair Problems and Their Solutions

7 Washing Machine Repair Problems and Their Solutions

Appliances have made our life easy but they need timely maintenance for better functioning. Was your washing machine working fine one day but not working on the next day? There can be different reasons behind this malfunctioning. You need to look at it thoroughly. Therefore, regular inspections are essential to avoid malfunctioning. If you are not able to do it yourself, then it is recommended to take help from professionals. You can get services regrading washing machine repair in Cape Cod from skilled technicians.

Today, we will be discussing some problems with a washing machine that need to be repaired for proper functioning of the appliance. The solutions are also mentioned below.

Let’s get started!

1-Cloth Covered with Debris or Lint

You are going to remove your cloth from the machine and you see that they are covered with debris, hair, and lint. What to do?


  • Don’t overload your washing machine. You need to see the owner’s manual to know about the loading guidelines.
  • Use a proper amount of detergent when washing clothes. Using too much detergent is not good.
  • If you are washing your pet-related items, then do that separately. Don’t mix them with your regular clothes.

2- Washer Not Starting Up

You might have experienced this problem, you have put the cloth inside the washer but nothing happened.


  • Check the power cord either it is plugged in or not.
  • Check the circuit breaker of your washer. To reset it, you need to flip it in “Off” direction and then to “On” again.
  • Your front loader lid switch strike may have a problem. It should be properly closed before filling up the water.
  • The switch of your top loader washer’s lid may be faulty. You can figure out this by turning “On” the machine and after this pushing into the hole with a sharp edge of a pen. If it is working fine, then water will start to fill even the lid is open.

3-Loud Noise from Washer

Loud noise coming from your washing machine?


  • Your tub bearing below the tub may need replacement.
  • It’s time to lubricate your tub bearing.
  • Your washer motor drive belt or pulley may need replacement as they are no longer usable.
  • Your pump pulley belt might have cracked or it has gone out of shape. If you are not able to do it on your own, then get services of washer repair by hiring the skilled technicians.

4- Washer Does Not Spin

Your washer is “On” but does not spin.


  • You should distribute your cloth properly. A proper balance should be there. Your machine will spin again when the distribution load is appropriate.
  • The machine should be leveled. You can bring it back to level by adjusting the legs.
  • Inspect the drain hose and drainage. Sometimes, small items get stuck in the drainage system, remove them to avoid a problem.

5- Washer Does Not Drain

Is your washing machine tub filled with water and does not drain?


  • A piece of fiber or some item may clog your machine’s pump. To fix this, remove the water and unplug the machine. First, remove the screen from the front panel, tilt the machine. For easy access, use wood or bricks. You machine’s pump house might be clear. But you need to look for a clog in the pump. For this use a plier to deattach the clog from the pump.
  • Furthermore, the clog might be in a corrugated tube that moves to the pump. Open the tube and drain out the water. If there will be any clog, then it will be at the end of the hose. Use plier or hand to remove to pull it out.

6-Washer Might Not Agitate

Your washing machine tub is filled with water but the agitator is not moving.


  • The back and forth motion to clean the clothes is known as agitation. This action is performed by a device called agitator, a plastic cone-shaped device placed at the center. Small plastic directional clogs also termed as “dogs” connect the above portion of the agitator with the lower portion. If you have heard grinding noise when the lid of your washer is open, then your dogs have worn out and you need to replace them.
  • Due to power spike your machine’s washer motor might get affected. You need to reset it. Every brand has its own way. You need to take help from owner’s manual. In most of the GE machines, you need to lift the lid and lower the lid six-time within a period of 12 seconds. The lid should be lifted up to 2 inches to finish the lid switch magnetic connection.

7-Washer Vibrating and Shaking

During the spin cycle, your machine might vibrate or shake too much. This is common in the high-efficiency machine as compared to top loading machines.


  • Your machine balance is not fine. Rebalance it to avoid the problems. As said earlier, you can adjust the balance by adjusting the machine’s leg.
  • If you also have a dryer attached to your machine, then connection straps might have become loose resulting in shaking. If there is a problem in your dryer, you can get dryer repair service from professionals.
  • Distribute a load of cloth evenly to avoid this problem.
  • You can purchase an anti-vibration pad. According to study, three inches thick pad works better to stop the shaking and vibration.

Hope these solutions will fix your problems. If you are still looking for professional help to fix your appliances, then you can get appliance repair service by hiring experienced company.