Benefits of Opting For Online Laundry Services

Benefits of Opting For Online Laundry Services

Times have passed for centuries, and technology has advanced so that information can be accessed at the fingertips. But one work has never changed on the weekends. LAUNDRY!. In this recent era of fast paced life, it is a hassle for housewives and family leaders to wash/clean their clothes as well iron them. Yet, they always abide by the statement “First Impression is the Best Impression.” Since the wife and husband both go to work, they have to put on their best dresses. They also cannot go to a party in mangled clothes, can they?

Laundry has been a part of outsourcing activity since the ancient ages, but only recently have start-ups tried to streamline this sector into a perfect business segment. Agreed, even now there are many people who prefer the old laundry services, the services might be the best, but their customer base will be very small. Compare the same with the online laundry services where a customer can have his/her clothes picked at the doorstep, requirements taken care of, the clothes washed/cleaned, ironed and delivered as a gift.

So shall we look into the benefits of opting for a laundry service?

professional laundry service

There are many online laundry service companies. You can book a service via their app and their team members will come with a bag to pick your clothes. Just imagine the advantages. Your clothes will be picked up, checked for valuables in front of you, processed as per the requirement and delivered back to your location within 48 hours.

You can schedule the pick-up as per your convenience. Think about saving time!

Even if you possess a washing machine, imagine the work involved after the wash. The cost of electricity, laundry detergent, your time in sorting the clothes as per the fabric, time spent to iron the clothes – the total cost will be more than the online laundry cost for a six member family. There will also be some clothes, which have to be treated specifically for stains, dirt etc.

When you wash clothes, you do it by your own method. But when you opt for a professional online service, then even the stained clothes regardless of fabric will be returned to you as a new garment.

In case of stains, special procedures and eco-friendly chemicals are used by laundry dry cleaners for removal.

For example, there are woolen clothes and silk apparels which have to be handled with care, else they will distort, shrink or lose color. Polyester cloth can still retain stains after a wash. Under professional cleaning services, a customer need not worry about loss of color or merging of color with other clothes, shrinkage and change of textures.

Ironing Clothes

When you do a DIY laundry on the clothes, chances are the clothes may remain crumpled. But with professional laundry services, there will be technical equipment, which can give the garments a wrinkle free new appearance.

Ironing Clothes

Garment Storage

Are you a bachelor living in a one room house? Then your room must be starved for space on the weekend with the past week clothes. Book an online service on Saturday morning and get back the clothes on Sunday evening. Your clothes are ready for the next week.

Types of Services

In a professional laundry service, the team do not just clean clothes. They can also clean other household items such as comforters, blankets, rugs, decorative pillows, draperies and upholsteries.

Difference between DIY and Professional service

When you do a DIY cleaning, you assume entire responsibility for the services. But in an online professional laundry service, an inspection is carried before the delivery to ascertain the requirements are met. In case of problems, the garment is returned to fulfill the needs of the customer.

Prevention from damage

A clean cloth will be the first step in preventing damage to moth and other insects. Usually, moths attack woolen garments directly. A professional service can help identify the problem and works on resolving the problem.

Removal of Odor

The customer clothes may have got a nasty spill on a party. Expert laundry technicians possess the expertise and equipment to remove odor by various methods.

Removal Of Odor


There are some dresses such as wedding gowns and bridal dresses which are preserved for memory. In similar cases, laundry experts follow the right preservation methods to help extend the life of garment for many years.
There are also occasions when a professional laundry service expert might be requested to wash old bridal dresses to retain its glory. Since they are antique textiles, they will require delicate care and needs the services of a restoration specialist.

Timely Updates

Are you packed with work schedules and family commitments? Then you will have no time to make a call to the laundry service. Although the time frame is short, the laundry app allows you to keep a tab on the process.
With all the benefits mentioned above, do you still have doubts in hiring online professional laundry service?

Shall we take the example of a case study? You stay in Bangalore.    Your spouse also goes to work. So, laundry takes a major part of her time on the weekends. You both decide to opt for doorstep washing services. You get the information that there are a set of companies who provide the best services for dry cleaning in Bangalore. When you check the internet, you find that it is very easy to book a service as per your convenience. All you need to do is to download their app, and place a request. The concerned laundry company professional will come to your house or preferred location. And take the clothes. On the specified day, the clothes gets returned after the preferred service is given.