How to Choose the Best Essential Oil?

How to Choose the Best Essential Oil?

We have managed to see a tremendous demand with regard to these Essential Oils usage. These days, the field of aromatherapy is gaining the highest attention. Now people are no more using synthetic chemicals and prefer to use natural cleaning healthy products for themselves.

Essential Oils

The category of essential oil has managed to arrive at the forefront. Here is the simple guide for you which will help you in explaining how the best essential oil can be selected and choose:

Types of Essential Oils

  • Lavender oil carries and comprises a subtle kind of floral scent and helps you to relax and sleep. The Roman chamomile essential oil keeps your mind at ease and calms your mind largely and extensively. This oil is also beneficial for your skin.
  • By using rose oil, you will be able to reduce anxiety. This Hyssop essential oil is an earthy, herbal as well as one of the sweet-scented Essential Oils. It helps you minimize scarring.
  • There is another oil version which is ylang-ylang, it comes with great beauty benefits and helps you in the treatment of combination skin and too hair growth. By using myrrh, you will relieve your acne problem and cracked skin issues. If one wants to buy Vetiver, then he or she will notice that his overall mood and nerves will get calm down.

Cost Factor

Always consider the cost factor while you buy essential oil for yourself. It usually and mainly takes about 250 pounds of rose blossoms so that 30ml bottle of rose oil can be produced. If it is a good quality essential oil, then it will never and ever be cheap.

You should not get fooled by the discount retailers and big box stores as well as by the state fair and bazaar vendors who sell essential oil at a low price range.

Purity Factor

Essential Oils

Your picked one essential oil should be pure. It should carry every single therapeutic value in it. It should be processed properly and should only give a mild and pleasant fragrance. It is obvious that perfumery oils and fragrance oils give out a stronger fragrance, but they do not give you any kind or sort of therapeutic benefit.

Note that the amount and range of therapeutically chemical constituents present in essential oil, it depends on the basis where that plant was actually grown!

Your chosen essential oil should pass all testing standards

You can choose the best essential oil for yourself if it has passed all testing standards. It is on this factor that you can determine and assess the essential oil authenticity. Every single essential oil is identified and marked with the plant’s scientific name or with its botanical name.

On its bottle, there should be details written on it like the country of plant origin and extraction process used, expiration date.

Pure essential oil is generally and primarily tested with at least and maximum two tests and they are also run simultaneously. If the essential oil has passed the gas chromatography test and mass spectrometry test then that is the best essential oil for you.

Look for the essential oil which is clinical grade

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If your chosen essential oil is marked with these terminologies like that of “therapeutic grade” and “clinical grade”, then this factor marks the superiority of that oil. It has to be organic, wildcrafted and also unsprayed.

A few of the essential oil manufacturing companies, they are the members of NAHA which is National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy, It all means that those companies will abide and follow all of the NAHA’s ethics standards.


Hence, for any best essential oil, it has to pass all GC/MS testing requirements, organic in nature, unsprayed and wildcrafted in texture and its manufacturers should have NAHA or any other kind of association memberships.

Now you know how to choose and pick out the best and high-quality essential oil. We will share further extensive essential oil buying guide with you so keep tuned and connected with us.