Do Testosterone Supplements Work?

Do Testosterone Supplements Work?

Testosterone boosters and supplements are increasingly becoming popular for their utility in revitalizing the male health and physique in young and old men alike. They’re a popular among aged men for purposes of increasing libido and physical energy, whereas athletes, bodybuilders and young enthusiasts, in general, use them for building muscle mass and strength within the body.

Testosterone supplements have been observed to create some pretty good results, especially for athletes on resistance training programs. They are also used for treating Male Hypogonadism – a deficiency of testosterones. These supplements and boosters can be very beneficial for your overall health, but it is important to understand what they are and how do they work.

What is testosterone?

Testosterone is a hormone which is responsible for keeping up male health and physical activity inside the body. These hormones have multiple roles within the body. Typically, they’re associated with libido and sexual activity, but that’s not their only function. They also regulate and improve fat distribution, bone mass, red blood cell production, muscle mass and strength.

Testosterones are a type of androgens – male hormones that are also called anabolic steroids or simply steroids. A majority of testosterone is produced in the testes, but a small fraction is also produced by the adrenal gland. Its primary function is the development of male sex organs before birth, and secondary sexual characteristics such as growth of facial and public hair, genital enlargement and deepening of the voice. Testosterones are often associated with male health and well-bring.

With progressing age, testosterone production in the body decreases. As a result, senior citizens face a lot of symptoms that are typically associated with age but are actually because of lowering testosterone levels. These symptoms include a reduced sex drive (libido), erectile dysfunction, low sperm count, weak bones, loss of muscle mass and so on.

Besides progressing age, a decrease in testosterone levels is also caused by certain medical conditions. Testosterone is typically used as a clinical drug these days for men who don’t produce enough of it.

Testosterone boosters – do they help?

Testosterone boosters, as the name might suggest, help increase testosterone levels in the body. Due to the varied functionality of testosterones, these boosters come in various types and forms. Some are chemical based and add steroids (testosterones) directly to your bloodstream, whereas other are more natural and they stimulate the production of testosterone naturally. The natural ones are more effective in the long run, whereas synthetic testosterones give you a short-term boost.

Testosterone boosters have many advantages to them.

1. They increase bone strength

Testosterones help increase bone density, which contributes towards making your bones stronger. Bone density naturally decreases with age (as one of the results of decreasing testosterone levels), causing bones to become weaker and more prone to fractures or osteoporosis. Some doctors prescribe testosterone boosters to help strengthen the bones. Stronger bones also contributes towards better athletic performance, which is why some sports boosters also contain testosterones.

2. Healthy cardiovascular system

Since testosterone helps increase bone density by increasing bone marrow, it directly results in an increased production of red blood cells. Thinner blood means a healthy cardiovascular system and prevents clotting and pain. It also keeps the heart and other organs healthy.

3. Muscle Gain

This is a very common reason among athletes and fitness junkies for using testosterone boosters. During exercise, your muscles get ripped on a microscopic level. When you rest, these rips are automatically healed with new muscle tissue, which causes an increase in muscle mass and strength. Testosterone boosters speed up the recovery of these micro-injuries, enabling athletes and performers to train harder much more quickly.

These boosters perhaps give the best results when combined with exercises such as resistance training.

Testosterones are also responsible for regulating fat distribution. A healthy lymphatic system producing normal levels of testosterone will help in the deposit of body fat evenly. When this equilibrium is disturbed, however, such as when testosterones get low, the body starts depositing fat in one or a few particular areas of the body, which causes obesity. This is why an endocrinologist will often prescribe testosterone boosters to obese men.

Testosterone Boosters Muscle Gain

4. They increase libido

Libido is something testosterones are almost always directly associated with. Indeed, it is the primary function of testosterone to develop male sex organs and maintain them in perfect working order. This is why testosterone boosters are most often the prescribed remedy for a range of problems including impotence and erectile dysfunction. The more the testosterone level, the higher the sex drive and the better the arousal and fertility.

5. Improved mood

Studies have shown that people with testosterone deficiency (Hypogonadism), often tend to be irritable, fatigued and show signs of depression. This can degrade the quality of life very easily. To help such situations, doctors will often prescribe natural testosterone boosters as they can help improve your mood and general outlook towards life.

6. Boosters help you concentrate

Not only do testosterone contribute to a healthy metabolism, it also assists brain function. People with high levels of testosterone have been observed to display better thinking and spatial recognition abilities. Indeed, research has shown that higher testosterone rations in men are directly correlated to a reduced occurrence of Alzheimer’s disease later on in life.

Do they have any side effects?

For sure. Whenever a natural process in the body is disrupted, it causes adverse effects. Testosterones have a lot of advantages, but if misused or abused the consequences can be very serious. Hormonal imbalance causes a host of problems.

This is especially the case for young children or women. In women, high testosterone levels cause irregular menstrual cycles, increased body hair and acne. Women who have PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) have high testosterone levels, which can be a cause of infertility.

Testosterone boosters can be invaluable

Testosterone boosters (eg TestoFuel) can be synthetic or natural. Both have their uses, but natural boosters are more effective (and recommended) because they work to raise production of the hormone in the body rather than directly adding to it.

Testosterone boosters and supplements can make a significant contribution towards the quality of your life. If taken in the right amounts with proper supervision, they can change your life for the better. Remember, however, that each person has different testosterone levels in their body, and different requirements. So, be sure to always consult with your doctor before taking any supplements. Good luck!