Effective ways to lead a healthy lifestyle!

Effective ways to lead a healthy lifestyle!

Healthy Lifestyle is more than eating a salad and hitting the gym twice or thrice a week, to gain those extra muscles. It is a constant process to live by. One needs to super active in terms of what they eat, how much they exercise, how often do they visit their GP and how soundly they lead their daily life.


Here we have a few steps that you can follow to lead a healthy lifestyle –


Step No. 1: Note and Record.


Your initial move toward sound living is to get it together on your wellbeing status at this moment. Here’s your daily agenda:


Make regular appointment with your health specialist. Visiting your health specialist on regular basis and as per their instructions for general checkups and required vaccinations, is the first step towards maintaining your healthy lifestyle. Maintain a record of what your GP says about your health with each visit and see which areas need to be worked out.


Measure your girth. Measure your height and weight to check your BMI (Body Mass Index), and measure your waist to check whether you’re overweight and if your waistline is putting your well being in danger.


Record your movement. What amount of physical movement do you do in an ordinary week? How complex is that movement? It is highly recommended by health experts that grown-ups should exercise and get no less than over two hours for every seven day stretch of energy consuming movement or one hour and 15 minutes for each seven day stretch of incredible power high-impact action, in addition to muscle-fortifying exercises no less than two days for each week.


Keep a food journal. Record all that you eat for each day and do not avoid the things you’re humiliated about. The thought is to put it down without judgment and acknowledge ‘What’s right for your body and what’s not’.
Check your mind-set and vitality. Healthy lifestyle incorporates a healthy mindset and sufficient rest. Meditate regularly in order to have a positive outlook towards life and


Step No. 2: Exercise more


The right amount of exercise required to maintain your health status should be well incorporated into your regular routine. You need to move more and burn all the extra calories by indulging in jogging, yoga, exercising, cycling etc. and literally get procrastination out of your life.


Step No. 3: Make a few tweaks to your diet plan


First of all, to those who don’t have a diet plan – Get one from your health expert ASAP. You need to follow a proper diet plan that includes all nutrients required to stay healthy; Add more vegetables, fruits or protein and fiber rich foods to your diet plan and schedule it according to your preference.


Step No. 4: Stay Hydrated


Stay hydrated in order to have good energy levels. Water is the best way to quench your thirst and does not have any artificial calories to it. Also, for an average human being. at least 4-5 litres of water is recommended for them to drink.


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