Five Ultra-Cool Innovative Office Designs

Five Ultra-Cool Innovative Office Designs

Not all offices are created equal – while some reduce the employees’ moral, others keep them happy and inspired towards creativity and sense of belonging. For IT and tech-oriented companies which need creative and innovative professionals, smart office designs provide a competitive edge in trying to attract young talent. Some of those workspaces include athletic equipment that helps employees reduce stress and get their energy levels up again, while others feature cool lounges where hard-working intellectuals can enjoy the corporate perks, relax, and feel like in one of best coffee shops. The others, however, are playfully designed to encourage workers to think more creatively.  


The Warehouse


When Airbnb hired Heneghan Peng Architects to reinvent their International HQ in Dublin, dubbed The Warehouse, the building was a sorry affair. Now the central staircase was made the focal point, which also doubles as a lounge space for employees, as well as a gathering space for corporate events and conferences. The world’s number-one home-sharing company adopted so-called ‘neighbourhood’ concept into the designs of its corporate building, which resonates with their ‘Belong Anywhere’ ethos, which relies on workspaces and open areas that encourage collaboration. Such an ‘urban campus model’ is likely to be seen again in the company’s future office designs.


Audiophile’s paradise


In designing Sonos Boston Office, interior architects borrowed from the city architecture, drawing inspiration and material choices from the historic New England neighbourhoods. The office is equipped with an enhanced sound engineering lab, curated listening rooms, and several audio chambers. The dramatic main staircase is enshrouded in greenery, connecting a secondary seating area to the café at the building’s core. The café is used of company meetings and events, while the open work environment promoted throughout the office fosters better collaboration between teams and departments.


Entertainment room


Visitors testify that Sydney’s Dropbox office feels more like a large game room than an office, with plenty of space to play video games, ping-pong, or even take an afternoon swim. Australian tech companies are known for high office interior standards, where gadgets don’t interfere with the aesthetic flow. One way to achieve this is by using wall TV mounts. These professionals for TV wall mounting in Adelaide specialize in creating a modern and seamless look in which all the cables and peripherals are concealed, as it suits a professional environment.




That is probably the most accurate word to describe ZEO Xinwei’s offices in Kiev, designed by a locally-based international architectural and design studio Soesthetic Group. Nature was clearly the main inspiration behind the design with a plant with wooden accents symbolizing the earth, large chromed drops the element of water, while an ethanol-fuelled fire pit represents the element of fire. Finally, a large aircraft engine turbine, introduces the element of metal, as a driving element in the tech industry. 


The toy factory


MakerBot is a 3D-printing startup based in Brooklyn which is at the height of its game, having received numerous awards and developed three generations of hobby-level 3D printers. This is probably the coolest office on the list, as it’s lined with 3D printers and sells plastic toys it makes in the company vending machine. The whole place is buzzing with ‘minions’ made in the office department known as the Botcave. They have miniature servo motors which move their legs and can be controlled remotely.


Over the years, startup culture has become recognizable for several things: hoodies, bean bags, ping-pong, craft beer, and awesome offices. Even if your turnover is nowhere near Google’s, a creative and well designed, and tech-inspired space, you can promote an innovative vibe and inspire your team.