House Excavation: Construct a Strong Foundation of Your Dream House

House Excavation: Construct a Strong Foundation of Your Dream House

Almost all dream to build a dream home to stay in style. However, the process of construction is of utmost importance particularly if one is making a multistoried apartment or a bungalow with lots of curves and arches supported by the columns. The columns in combination with the foundation need to bear the load so that the house remains firm on the ground in any situations even on earthquakes and do not tilt to dangerous levels but stay settled in all regions. However, it is a challenge to all construction engineers to make a good foundation so that the building does not dislodge or displace due to improper construction. To maintain the stability of the structures and to create a basement space to build the garages one can rely on the proper house excavation. But in the construction industry, house excavation stands for reaching the required depth from the surface of the soil to have a solid foundation.


So what does one do to? All these can be done with. 


What House Excavation is All About? 


House excavation is one of the preliminary works, to begin with on any construction site. It involves digging up the pits to the right levels to construct a structure for having a deep or shallow foundation. It also requires removal of the earth in mass scale to make space for the basement garages big enough to park multiple cars or to have numerous storerooms.


The Process of Excavation and Thing Associated 


If you are still wondering regarding the process of house excavation beneath mention point will help you to understand the process:


  • The process of house excavation mainly depends on the depth of the foundation that is needed, the types of soil layers where the building is to be constructed, the surrounding disturbances like the railway lines, rivers and water bodies and existing structures and the water tables of the area.


  • Depending on the recommendations of the soil engineer, house excavation work is done, and it is not like bringing the excavators and digging up the soil in large chunks and start constructing the structure to have a multistoried building with basement space.


  • One has to keep in mind the adjacent structures that exist around as digging unscientifically can risk these structures to cave in and turn to debris. After soil testing, the soil engineer may advise driving piles so that the soil on which the construction is to be done is fortified.


  • After that proper home excavation is started. On the one hand, one digs the ground to get the right foundation, and on the other hand, the soil may need to be fortified to have the proper bearing capacity.


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The Various Strata Underground 


On the top what we see is the Humus, and it is the loose soil on which the greenery like grass and small shrubs grow and penetrate. Below it is the topsoil and then the subsoil followed by the weathered rock fragments and lastly the bedrock. The depth of each layer varies from location to location, and one can get an idea only by going for soil testing followed by digging to the right depth to do the perfect hose excavation work.


One has to dig to the levels until the safe bearing capacity or the SBC of soil is reached. It is very important as the structural stability is dependent on the recommendation for the right kind of foundation after examining the earth by the soil engineers. The soil engineer recommends the foundation after calculating the bearing capacity of the soil with the average contact pressure between the soil and required foundation so that there is no scope of shear failure. 


One can say house excavation is of utmost importance for the stability of the building and should be done taking expert opinion. Without proper excavation, the structure may be unstable and may crumble down in the long run or during the construction process itself as load increase. House excavation is a must after examining the soil to keep the structures erect.