Importance of Donate Printer Cartridge Movement

Importance of Donate Printer Cartridge Movement

Today one of the prime concerns of the world is to combat the rising threat of environment pollution, global warming, preserving and restoring greenery in the environment. While the entire world and all the nations of the world today are racing to reach the goals to achieve concrete actions and achievements in restoring the best environmental conditions and fighting global warming trends, Australia is also not out of the scenario.


However, according to studies, it has been revealed that the country has been criticized on the global platform for lagging in initiatives to promote ‘Green Earth’ notion and taking collective action to stop global warming trends through mass habits. Today, Australia ranks to be the fifth-worst country in respect of uncontrolled harmful emissions. However, the country has set its targets to achieve substantial result in confront global warming and environment polluting practices to 26-28 percent by the year 2030. Although Australia stands to rank within the bottom six countries in respect of pursuing sustainable environment protection policies, it is rapidly getting into the race with its thoughtful environment protecting initiatives, one of which is to donate printer cartridges, used or unused to get them recycled.


Why Donate Printer Cartridges?


The wastes created out of the sold printer cartridges in Australia is already a major concern for the environmentalists of the nation who estimate that almost 70% out of the total 25 million printer cartridges (approximate) sold in the market are thrown away just like that. This entirely forms landfill, and since these cartridges are basically made of plastic, it is either non-biodegradable or estimated to take almost 500-1000 years to biodegrade. Needless to say, it poses a definite threat to the natural decomposition method by which biodegradable litters decompose. These cartridges do not decompose, therein depreciating the quality of the soil as well as the environment. However, thoughtful measures and a little proactive initiative towards being a responsible being of this environment, such environmental hazards can be restrained, since there are numerous cartridge manufacturing companies who can use these waste cartridges, recycle them in manufacturing new ones if people responsibly donate printer cartridges after using them instead of throwing them.


How to Materialize Recycling?


This is an initiative which can create a great environmental impact and reduce the environmental deterioration. In fact, to materialize such programs, socially concerned and responsible providers need to consciously get into partnership with the donation program and recycling program. In Australia, already big cartridge manufacturing brands like Cartridges Direct, HP, Original Printer Cartridge, Canon, and many other manufacturers including who already invest a bulk amount of fund into manufacturing sustainable materials also promote ethical recycling habits among peoples. Among numerous benefits of donating cartridges some of the most significant ones need to be brought under limelight to showcase the advantages of this donating program.



  • It is an economically responsible step for a lot of expenditure is saved since recycling cartridge means it reduces the requirement for a lot of materials required to make an all-new cartridge.


  • It reduces the effort the remove landfill wastes by the government as well as saves the cost to do such works.




Therefore, if you have a printer in your house, office, workplace, gym, parlor anywhere, you can take a small step towards protecting green environment by donating your used cartridges instead of throwing them. Small initiatives can make big differences. So even if you are using only a single cartridge in a month or so, store them and donate them later.