Job Application: Best Way to Pass a Drug Test on a Short Notice and Natural Ways

Job Application: Best Way to Pass a Drug Test on a Short Notice and Natural Ways

Once we grow out of our childhood and face adulthood, we are expected to find a job. Before, the only way we view jobs is whether it is a white collar or blue collar one. Not everyone has the chance to enter the university; sometimes some of them cannot even finish high school. However, this is not to bring down those who are lacking in academic degrees. There is no shame in working for anything that would benefit you, your family and society as a whole. Having any legal job is already a blessing in itself in this fast-paced world. This is why it is important to take care of your careers, no matter what field it belongs. It is a resource that is handy to have and helps in developing you as an individual and a part of society.


Before you could even have a job, you need to apply for it first. There are so many ways to apply these days that even handing it personally is kind of weird. However, as part of the application process, a drug test can be conducted. This may also happen after getting hired or during the employment period. Sometimes, some employers skip it due to various reasons. However, it has become a standard for any human resource practitioner to enforce drug testing on new and current employees. Many companies are becoming really strict with their rules about the use of drugs. Some countries even report it to the authorities. In the United States, there are varying rules for this from state to state. The legalization of marijuana has also introduced some changes but overall everything seems to be the same.


Now, what is a drug test? It is the examination of a body fluid or substance for the presence of illegal drugs. Urine and blood are the most common ways for testing it but there are tests for mouth swabs and hair samples. Usually, the drugs that are tested for their presence are common street drugs like marijuana and cocaine. Alcohol and nicotine are also added for testing due to their effects to the body. These drugs can stay in your body from 12 hours to days. It also depends on the amount ingested, body size, diet and other factors that could affect its staying power in the body. Hair samples are also found with traces even after a month of drug use. Learn more about hair tests by clicking this link:


However, the most common way for drug testing is through urine samples. It is the easiest to obtain and far more affordable than its counterparts. Gathering of the sample is also more practical compared to its counterparts. Also, not all areas in the world can afford sophisticated techniques for drug testing. Urinalysis is still the go-to way for drug testing, but it is not without flaws. There are issues about its accuracy, and the fear of false positive cases was evident. Now with the development of new technology, these cases are not as prevalent today than it was before.


Urinalysis for Drug Testing


It still begs the question, how can you easily pass this test? If you use recreational drugs regularly, then it can be a problem. The trend today for drug testing especially for current employees is random selection. You might never know when you will be called for testing. Fortunately, there are ways for you to pass this sort of medical exam.


  • Try to Avoid Drug Use


This is by far the most effective way to pass a drug test. Sounds a little silly, but it is true: abstaining from drugs actually help you pass this test. If you are not a regular user, then it is easier to avoid. As drug tests are done annually, there is a fair amount of chance that you will not be chosen again for that year. On the other hand, it can be difficult for regular users. Cold turkey can be a great strategy for some people, but it is not the most efficient or effective way for others. As a regular user, there can also be traces of drugs still in your system even after you stopped for a while. Staying clean for a period of time is the best way for you to pass this test. Click here to learn more about cold turkey detox.


  • Detoxify


If you are a regular user, chances are you’ve heard of “flushing out” substance. Water seems to be the most common way as it is a natural detoxifying agent. While this is true, this usually works for minimal drug usage. It is also not advisable to drink a lot of water before the actual test. It increases the creatinine in the urine which can indicate overhydration. This technique is best done way before the actual urinalysis. Diuretics like cranberry juice and coffee were also said to be great in flushing the substances out of your system.


  • Other techniques


Urine dilution is another way for you to try and alter your urine sample. This is done by adding water or a solution to your urine. Synthetic urine can also be used instead of your own. Drug Testing Reviews website, for example, provides more information on how you can do this technique. You can even try to sneak in another person’s urine to try and exchange it with your own sample. However, take note that there is a lot of risk involved with these techniques. It can be grounds for termination or lawsuit even before the actual drug test results. If you opt to go through with one of these options, proceed with utmost caution. Many drug testing sites are also equipped with security cameras or specialized urinals. Some of these testing sites do not even have water faucets to avoid the dilution of urine.


Knowing some of these can help you if you are scheduled for a drug test. However, as most of these are conducted randomly there is only a little time for you to prepare. Try to live a clean lifestyle before any type of test especially if you value your job. Learn how to prioritize and know what is best for you.