Learn How to Contribute & Write Posts on Wikipedia

Learn How to Contribute & Write Posts on Wikipedia

Wikipedia is a credible source of detailed information about a great range of content categories. As the name of the site suggests, the purpose of Wikipedia is to provide clear and comprehensible encyclopedias on various subjects with authentic references. This unique purpose and the credibility that it offers makes Wikipedia stand out among other websites. This makes Wikipedia have a huge number of readers from all over the world who trust the information that they find on the site and use the site for referencing and research.

All of these unique qualities along with a good number of followers has made Wikipedia a desired place for people and brands who want to be recognized. However, writing Wikipedia articles is not a task that everyone who wants a page can do. This is because writing for Wikipedia requires authentic referencing and extensive research. This situation has created a market demand for writers who can write Wikipedia articles. A lot of writing agencies market themselves with a tagline that says, “Wikipedia writers for hire”, because they know that there is an increasing demand for Wikipedia writers.

 As Wikipedia is an influential source of information for many people, you can influence the world by becoming a part of it. There are two ways to benefit from Wikipedia:

  • You can utilize those Wikipedia writers for hire and make them create articles for your business promotion.
  • You can learn to write for Wikipedia and influence the world or earn by writing for others!

This article is focusing on the former and so, it will provide a guideline for how you can learn to write and contribute in Wikipedia. Below are the step by step instructions.

  1. Know the Rules

Before beginning with your writing procedure, make sure that you understand all the rules that Wikipedia has imposed for publishing articles on its site. Remember that the site does not publish articles that do not fit in the criteria that it has set. These rules are imposed in order to maintain the credibility of the articles and this is why it is very important to follow them. You can find the list of the rules on the Wikipedia. Read them carefully.

  1. Create an Account

The next step is to create an account on Wikipedia. Here, you need to understand that you must be authentic and honest. Remember that if you would be found altering, deleting, or fabricating the existing information on the site, the site would permanently block your IP address and you would not be able to continue. So be careful about the information that you provide.

  1. How to Start

Initiate with testing your hands on the existing articles and pages. Try to edit a few of them. This will give you an exposure of Wiki Editor. If you are not familiar with HTML and citation formats, do not worry about that because Wikipedia provides its editors with the facility of Visual Editor that allows them to edit articles without learning wiki markup. This facility motivates Wiki-readers from diverse backgrounds to become Wikipedia Editors and add contribute valuably in adding more information to the site.

  1. Reference and Research

Remember that practicing on editing articles will make you get ready for writing new articles. Once you become familiar with the ways for research and citation of references, start working on your own article. Collect all the information that you can along with the list of authentic and verifiable references. As already mentioned, proper referencing is crucial for getting published on Wikipedia. You need to gather all the mentions of your topic, necessary references, and multimedia resources before moving ahead.

  1. Start with Writing

The procedure of working on Wikipedia article is similar to working on your thesis. So you have to do what you would have done while working on your thesis. That is, once you are done with arranging the references and researching your topic well, you need to start writing your paper. Note that your writing style should be clear and easy to grasp and the tone should be informative, flowy, and engaging. Also, you need to explain (or provide a reference that explains it) all the keywords that you use in the article.

  1. Revise and Finalize

After completing the writing task, start revising your work. Make sure you eliminate all kind of errors including grammatical errors or spelling mistakes. Double check everything and simplify the language. It is better to ask someone else to read your article and point out mistakes if they find any. After passing your content from an extensive editing phase, come up with a finalized version of your article to get published.

  1. Submit your Work

Now you have to submit your work to Wikipedia for review. This stage may take a week or so and then, if all of your references will be found to be credible, your article will be published. But wait, the work is not finished yet!

  1. Monitor your Article

Once your article is published on Wikipedia, you need to monitor your work now for external edits. You must understand that Wikipedia is open for everyone site and having your work on it means that all kind of readers and editors of Wikipedia can use your work and edit it to improve. Readers can challenge the provided information as well.

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Alexa Grayson is a wiki page creator-writer who has composed a number of reliable wiki pages. He carries out extensive research and delves deeper into the topic before laying hands on it. People normally searches Alexa Grayson by writing keyword Wikipedia Writers for Hire, Moreover, he always adds more than ten proper citation links, which can guide the reader to find the parent information.