Measure Employee Performance with Spy Software for PC

Measure Employee Performance with Spy Software for PC

The employee monitoring software have been playing crucial role in managing and boosting the employee productivity. The employers around the world have been using different employee monitoring tools to keep the workplace activities of their workers under surveillance. The employee productivity and performance has a direct relation with the yield and profitability of the company. This is why the employee productivity is a great concern for the businesses working on local, national or international level. The technologists have provided entrepreneurs with computer tracking software to keep tabs on every single activity of their workers inside and outside the workplace. This article discusses how PC spy software enables employers to measure and manage their workers’ performance.

How does Spy Software for PC Work?

There are numerous spy apps and software available in the online market. However, there are only a few credible applications for PC monitoring such as TheOneSpy. It is cross-platform spy software that is compatible with computers running Windows and MAC operating systems. Once you install the software on the targeted desktop computer or laptop computer, you can monitor activities performed on that device via online portal of spy software. The employers are provided with secret credentials of an online spy account which can be accessed through any mobile phone or compute device. This online account or control panel is used to monitor and control the targeted device.

How to Monitor Employee Performance with PC Spy Software

The spy software for Windows and Mac computers enable employers to stay updated about their workers’ activities performed on monitored devices. It also let you monitor real-time and live actions of your workers remaining anywhere in the world. Read on to know how this employee monitoring software lets you keep tabs on the activities of your workforce.

Monitor & Record Employees’ Computer Activities

Usually, the companies have surveillance cameras to ensure the security of company assets and workers. These cameras let you know what a worker is on its seat or not. However, these security cameras do not let you know what your workers are doing on their computers. The spy software for windows and mac computers let you see what activities are being performed on a monitored device. You can know whether your workers are really doing their work or posing to be busy. You can also find out what your managers are doing on their systems.

With a single remote command, you can make the targeted computer device to record screen of the device. It shows whatever appears on the computer screen of the targeted device. The screen recording lets you know who is doing work and who is using the computer for unproductive purpose.

Monitor & Manage Employees’ Internet Use

Being an employer, you must know what activities are being performed by the workers on their computers. You must be aware how much time they spend updating their social media profiles and searching for their favorite video and music. The internet is the major distraction at workplaces. The employers must monitor and control the use of internet to manage the productivity of the workers. The spy software lets you track internet use of workers and block unwanted and unproductive websites by putting website URLs and keywords.

Monitor Online & Email Accounts of Workers

The spy software lets you monitor incoming and outgoing emails of workers without accessing their devices. Also, it let you access the credentials of online and email accounts of your employees by recording al keystrokes applied to the targeted device keyboard. These emails and online account activities help you make sure your workers are not indulged in any misconduct or dishonest activity.

Monitor Workplace Bullying & Sexual Harassment

Bullying and harassment can have severe negative impacts on the performance of workers. You can closely watch out the activities of your workers to make sure there is not any bully or bullied at your workplace. The spy software for MAC let you operate the camera and microphone of the targeted computers and laptop devices to see and listen to the real-time activities of the workers. It lets you monitor and record activities of every single suspicious worker to make your workplace free of harassments.

The computer spy software lets you monitor performance and activities of your workers. Also, it helps you to eliminate unnecessary processes and distractions at the workplace to boost employee productivity.