Practical Travel Tips for Solivagants

Practical Travel Tips for Solivagants

When it comes to traveling to a new destination, going there completely on your own may be the best way to do it. Well, it’s certainly one way to go about it.


While going on a trip with someone or in a group of 3 or more people certainly has its own merits, traveling solo inevitably makes for a unique experience you cannot get any other way, really.


The benefits such as a complete lack of agenda (if you want it to be that way), the ability to do what you want and discard the democratic principles of voting and considering someone else’s needs, as well as meeting new and exciting people and taking your time to really get to know them properly are all parameters that make a solivagant a rare bird in the world of tourism!


Of course, not all is rosy in the scenario where you have no idea what will happen next and with no one to rely upon but yourself, but if you take your time to prepare yourself thoroughly for your upcoming trip and take all the safety precautions into consideration, you’re bound to have a blast once you reach your destination!


In this article, we’ll give you some practical tips on how to concoct a relatively safe and fun travel plan if you’re traveling solo.


Alright then folks, without further ado, here’s the deal!


Tips for Lone Travelers


Set off Well-Prepared


Nothing can ruin an otherwise perfectly planned holiday as forgetting your favorite collection of shirts, your mobile phone, or worse still, forgetting to book the flight to your destination.


While taking care of these things may come across as blatantly obvious, many people tend to forget them and thus make their holiday experience a tough rather than an enjoyable one. Whether you’re trying to set up a farm of ostriches or make a wooden hut, good planning is half the job, and the same thing is true for traveling.


In fact, since going to a new place means you can’t really be sure what you’re going to find there, careful planning is an absolute must.


So, prior to setting off on a journey of your life, take as much time as you need and figure out all of the parameters beforehand, as it may just save you a lot of bother down the road!


Engage with the Local Community


One of the most interesting prospects of visiting another country is getting to meet its people and seeing how they do things over there.


While the local cuisine and architecture can capture your attention for a while (unless you’re a professional cook or an architect), it is the people and their unique national sentiment that will keep you hooked and willing to learn more about their culture.


Now, as far as the ways you can approach this part of enjoying your holiday, it’d be fair to say that traveling alone is possibly the best way to engage with the local community, as you’ll have the option to stay at hotels, motels, or maybe with a friend you just made!


The thing to remember, though, would be to always be careful, as you never know what sort of people you’re dealing with. So, pay special attention to what people you’re hanging out with and the locations you’re visiting with them.


Mind Your Safety


This can’t really be stressed enough.


Travelling abroad can be risky and full of unexpected events. Therefore, taking care of your safety is without a doubt the most important task to look into before you set off on your voyage.


Now, while there are many things you can arrange in advance, such as buying a satellite phone, getting insurance, or doing your homework about the tough parts of the city you’re about to visit, there are always those situations that you can’t really predict.


Should you, for example, get in a car accident while abroad, God forbid, you may feel left stranded and unsure what to do afterward if you don’t do your homework beforehand. Typically, in this scenario, your insurance agency will cover your hospital checkup bills but if you want to go a step further, hiring one car accident lawyers can be a great idea.


All things considered, traveling solo is certainly one of the best ways to go on holiday, period. Just make sure you’re safe and everything should be A-ok for ya!