The Best Lederhosen Trends for 2019

The Best Lederhosen Trends for 2019

Even though the beer at Oktoberfest is utterly delicious and hard to resist, that is not all there is to the world’s most awaited celebration. Yes, although Munich, Germany is legendary for the finest tasting beer, what makes it a must visit city is a series of other elements, including wearing German lederhosen at Oktoberfest, watching cabaret performances, and indulging in pretzels, roasted chickens, the finest German meals, and tapping your feet to classic German music.

Every year, the trends in Oktoberfest keep changing, and the same goes for the Bavarian fashion trends. Standing tall in beer tents, and showing a glimpse of their personality, and blending in like the locals, what should changes should we expect in the lederhosen for men in 2019?

Here are some pro tips on how you can choose the trendiest lederhosen and have the spotlight on you while drinking pints and pints of beer in the beer tents.

The Trending Colors

There was a time when wearing brighter colors was the talk of the town. This includes going for bright ones like orange, red, green, and blue. Back in the year 2014, however, a swap took over the trends in lederhosen colors. Now, bold, bright colors no longer fall under the “trendy” choice for men. You can expect the same in the year 2019. If you wish to blend in like the locals, and exude an authentic Bavarian look, steer clear from orange, red, and hues alike.

Lederhosen Trending Colors

The best colors you should choose include dark brown, wild brown, caramel brown, real shaded brown, two-shaded brown, rusty tobacco, sandy gray, light gray, dark gray, brown red, black and so many more elegant, yet sophisticated shades. The general rule for 2019 is to stick to darker tones. At Lederhosen Store, you can find an inventory that boasts an array of unique colors, which will surely help you to make a noticeable style statement.


Lederhosen for Men with Embroidery

Gone are the days when wearing plain lederhosen was the talk of town. The trend to watch out for in 2019 is wearing authentic lederhosen featuring intricate embroidered details on their sides, pockets, and suspenders. The best trending motif to choose is the “green deer motif,” but you can also go for other variations in colors like red, light brown, and more. However, the deer motif is not the only option to choose, you can also go for flower motives, and other styles.

Lederhosen Embroidery

To ensure that your lederhosen is an original one, also look out for features like buckhorn buttons, adjustable suspenders, and pockets with embroidery.


Knee-Length Lederhosen Steals the Show

Although this depends on style preference, but the top trend to watch out for is wearing the knee-length lederhosen or the Bundhosen for men. However, this is also something that depends on the weather demand as well.  If the season is chilly, you can choose longer variations. For a normal day, you can go for the knee-length ones. The trend will a notch higher when you pair your lederhosen with red white, blue, red or green-checkered shirts.

Knee Length Lederhosen


If you really wish to go deeper into the traditional direction, you should consider combining the men’s lederhosen with a plaid shirt. You should avoid kitschy-checkered shirts that feature exaggerated details like fake wooden buttons.


Authentic Leather Material

When it comes to the material choice, just focusing on the colors is not all there is to the top trend. To blend in like the locals and stand out as a true Bavarian, you have to stick to leather. In the market, you may find variations in linen, and replicas of leather, but the authentic lederhosen always has to be in genuine leather. The lederhosen for men has to be in deerskin leather. However, other alternatives include those in cowhide or goatskin.

Authentic Leather Material

Wearing leather lederhosen actually has a meaning behind it. When you wear one to Oktoberfest, it means that you are respecting the Bavarian traditions, and paying respect to farmers and laborers, who once wore these outfits to work in fields.

Apart from this reason, wearing leather is more about the flexibility and the comfort that it offers. When you wear one to Oktoberfest, you are respecting the old time fashion, and next year, go for the genuine leather lederhosen to win the hearts of the German locals!



Lederhosen Shoes are a Must

What is your costume without the best shoes to match your lederhosen? To attend the festival in 2019, do not forget to pair your lederhosen with lederhosen shoes. The Oktoberfest 2019, is probably the best occasion to wear the shoes.  The authentic lederhosen features side laces, intricate embroidered details, and socks to pair with them.

Lederhosen Shoes

In 2019, get ready to flaunt the best trends. Get the best costumes and enjoy Oktoberfest like never before, with envious eyes turning to admire your costume.